Meet woman, who rejected Rs 145 crore offer, built Rs 8300 crore company, now wants to teach…

There are many successful women around the world, but this woman is not only successful and left a billion-dollar company after founding it; she also has a much broader vision and wants to teach women how to build businesses.

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Suneera Madhani

Have you ever heard of billion-dollar company founders sharing their secrets about how they built their companies? Suneera Madhani, the woman who co-founded Stax with her brother Sal Rehmetullah in 2014, is one such example—a true inspiration for many women. Gorgeous and intelligent, Suneera Madhani is originally from Pakistan; her parents are from Karachi. She attended the University of Florida to earn a degree in finance. After graduation, she worked for First Data, an Atlanta-based payment processor, where she had the idea to eliminate percentage-based transactions. 

Along with her brother, Suneera Madhani started working on a platform that would operate on a monthly subscription basis. After pitching the idea in Orlando, they were able to secure 100 clients. Surprisingly, during this time, they were approached with an offer of Rs 145 crore to purchase Stax, which they turned down, but it gave them the motivation and self-assurance to keep going. The company last valued at $1 billion or over Rs 8300 crore.

She knows full well that most female entrepreneurs are not nearly as fortunate as she is, despite the fact that her success with Stax is among Silicon Valley's dreams. In order to solve this, she established CEO School, a platform that aims to uplift and assist female business owners in their pursuit of greater financial success by helping them get past challenges. In light of its significance and impact, as well as her inability to conduct a live discussion every night, she converted it into a podcast with the goal of empowering female entrepreneurs to expand and succeed.

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