Meet UP's richest man, turned small family business into Rs 19000 crore empire, his massive net worth is...

Murli and his brother Bimal Kumar Gyanchandani had a combined net worth of Rs 20,000 crore, as per 2022 Hurun Rich List.

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The RSPL group, which produces Ghadi detergent, is owned by the richest man in Uttar Pradesh, Murli Dhar Gyanchandani. With a net worth of Rs 12000 crore, he has effectively transformed a small family business into one of the fastest-growing corporations in the FMCG market. He is the RSPL group chairman. He was India's 149th richest man at the time.

Murli Dhar Gyanchandani is the richest person in Uttar Pradesh according to the Hurun Rich List of 2022. He owns the RSPL Group, which makes Ghadi detergent powder. His sibling comes in third on the list.

His younger brother's net worth was Rs 8,000 crore the year before. It was Rs 6,600 crore the previous year. Kanpur is the siblings' hometown. They also live in cities. 

Dayaldas Gyanchandani, their father, utilised glycerine to manufacture oil soap. The brothers continued expanding the company.

Their primary business, Rohit Surfactants, makes a low-cost detergent known as Ghadi. For many years, it has been the second-largest detergent brand in India. The brothers' sons work for the corporation in a range of capacities.

Gyanchandani brothers also own the sneaker firm Red Chief. The products manufactured by the particular brand are also sold in other countries with brothers entering global business world. 

The brand usually deals with the manufacturing and selling of a complete range of products for men including shoes, jackets, shirts, jeans, and belts.They also advertise their brand abroad. Other than making money, they also run a charitable hospital on Kanpur. The hospital is named after their parents. Thousand of pateints are being treated especially the ones who do not have hefty amount of money to pay for the treatment

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