Meet woman who faced domestic violence, sold tea for 50 paise to survive, now a business tycoon, daily earnings is...

This woman faced a lot of domestic violence and finally decided to open a tea stall at Marina beach. Know her story here.

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There are so many people who have proved that hard work and dedication can turn your fate around. Patricia Narayan is one such woman, who fought all odds and proved her worth. Patricia is a businesswoman who runs her restaurant chain in Chennai. 

Narayan's story is a roller coaster ride. She was only 17 years old when she decided to elope. Her parents were conservative and disowned her for running away from home. Patricia married her partner and soon realised that it was a mistake. 

When the couple started living together, Patricia's husband turned to drugs and became more and more aggressive. Which started as a love story, soon turned into an abusive marriage. The family's financial conditions were also moving south as a result of Patricia's husband's addiction. 

Patricia decided to take matters into her own hands and earn a living for her family. She set up a small tea stall at Marine Beach. Initially, it was very difficult for her as she could only sell one cup of coffee for 50 paise a day. Later, she decided to expand the options and started to sell samosas and other snacks, making over 50 rupees daily.

Gradually Patricia began to hunt jobs in the catering business and started catering to government and banking events, feeding over 2000 people in each event. Soon her business expanded, but years later, tragedy struck and her husband passed away.

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While a tragedy like this would break most people's spirits Patricia did not give up on her dream. As fate would have it, she lost her daughter and son-in-law in an accident in some time. Heartbroken and lost, Patricia decided to open Sandheepha Chain of Hotels with her son, paying homage to her daughter and a way for her to overcome the tragedy. 

Soon, Patricia Narayan’s restaurant chain grew widely across Tamil Nadu, making her a millionaire. Sandheepha Restaurants recorded a daily revenue of over Rs 2 lakh, and the total net worth of Patricia Narayan is around Rs 100 crore.

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