Meet man who went into depression after several failed businesses, now net worth of Rs 16700 crore, was first Indian to…

He is the man man who, in the face of adversity and many hardships, shone brightly like the sun.

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Anil Agarwal is a visionary who founded a scrap metal business and built it into an empire in the mining and metals industry valued at Rs 99484 crore. Anil Agarwal, the founder and chairman of Vedanta, is a remarkable philanthropist who promised to donate 75% of his fortune to charitable causes. Anil started out as a scrap dealer in Mumbai after leaving his father's aluminium conductor manufacturing business in 1976 and building an empire in copper, zinc, aluminium, and iron ore. He was asked to speak to students at Cambridge University last year about following your dreams; let us look at his life story and how he overcame numerous setbacks to achieve his goals.

Anil grew up in a Patna Marwadi family, and when he was 19, he decided to expand his father's business and traveled to Mumbai to look for career opportunities. At the age of fifteen, he left Miller High School to work for his father.

In 1970, the mining tycoon began his career as a scrap dealer while still a teenager. Speaking to the Cambridge students, he said, "I spent my 20s and 30s struggling looking at others and wondering when I will get there one day and most importantly how after 9 failed businesses and years of depression, I have my 1st successful start-up."

He has a net worth of over Rs 16700 crore and his company Vedanta has a market capitalization of Rs. 99484 crore. He was the first Indian to list a business on the London Stock Exchange in 2003.

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