Meet man, an Indian man, whose net worth is Rs 8000 crore, runs Rs 23000 crore company, his business is....

Lalit Khaitan is Radico Khaitan's chairman and managing director. This business produces alcoholic beverages.

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In India, the count of billionaire businesspeople is rising quickly. The country has seen a sharp rise in the number of young entrepreneurs in tandem with the growing startup culture. Many young people who are only 30 to 40 years old have already made a huge name for themselves in business and are considered billionaire entrepreneurs. However, we're about to share with you the triumph of a businessman who put in a lot of work throughout his life. However, he achieved the status of a billionaire at the age of eighty. Indeed, Forbes published the list of "World's Billionaires" earlier this month. This list included 25 new Indians. Lalit Khaitan, who became one of the world's top billionaires at 80, is one of them.

Lalit Khaitan is Radico Khaitan's chairman and managing director. This business produces alcoholic beverages. Rampur Distillery was the previous name of Radico Khaitan. In 1943, RKL commenced its operations. Lalit Khaitan's father, GN Khaitan, assumed control of Rampur Distillery and Chemical Company Limited at the beginning of the 1970s. But at that particular time, the business was having financial difficulties. 

However, as time went on, things improved, and the business changed its name to Radico Khaitan. In 1995, Lalit Khaitan took over the distillery business from his father. With his arrival, a new chapter in the company's history started.

As per the HT report, Lalit Khaitan assumed leadership of Radico Khaitan Limited's marketing division in 1997. Following this, the popular 8PM whisky brand was introduced in 1998. The fact that 10 lakh cases of this whisky were sold in its first year alone is a good indicator of its popularity. This whiskey's recognition in the Limca Book of World Records stems from this. The company's revenue growth and market share increased under Lalit Khaitan's direction. The business exports its alcoholic products to over 85 nations.

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