Meet IIT Bombay alumnus who used to walk to work, eat complimentary meals, left high-paying job at 29 due to...

Despite his hefty income, George kept his expenses to under 10% of his earnings.

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At 24, Daniel George was already contemplating early retirement when he landed a lucrative position at Google with a salary package of $265,000. After graduating from IIT Bombay with a bachelor's degree in engineering physics in 2015, George had the financial foresight to begin planning for retirement by saving diligently.

Commencing his career at Google X in 2018, George relished the amenities of the luxurious environment, complete with endless perks such as food, drinks, and recreational facilities. A year later, he delved into educating himself on finances and taxes, realising that nearly 50% of his income was being spent on taxes. To optimise his retirement accounts and minimise tax liability, he began funneling as much money as possible into these accounts.

Despite his hefty income, George kept his expenses to under 10% of his earnings. Opting to walk or bike to work, sharing an apartment to cut down on rent, and partaking of the complimentary meals at Google, he eschewed spending on extravagances such as luxury cars or homes. Instead, he directed the majority of his earnings towards investments, allowing his money to grow and compound over time.

George annually invested more than $75,000 into tax-advantaged accounts, and by 2020, he had amassed enough wealth to retire. However, he chose to remain in the US and continue expanding his wealth after meeting his future wife, who was also an AI scientist at Google.

In 2020, George was hired by JP Morgan to lead applied AI projects, effectively doubling his compensation. Despite the increased income and net worth, he remained committed to a modest lifestyle. At the age of 27, George reached his first million dollars in savings, thanks to his judicious investments and propensity for saving a substantial portion of his earnings.

In August 2023, at the age of 29, George left JP Morgan to co-found a startup, ThirdEar AI. Fuelled by financial stability and passive income from investments, he now feels emboldened to take entrepreneurial risks. George's early investments have granted him the financial freedom to pursue his passions without worrying about earning a salary in the future.

"Now that I don't need to worry about earning a salary, I can afford to take the risk of starting my own company," he remarked, further noting, "When my wife and I eventually decide to settle down and potentially have children, I'm confident that our investments will generate enough passive income to cover our family expenses. Investing early means I won't need to worry later on."

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