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Amber Kinetics is the industry leader in flywheel energy storage solutions, and for a good reason.


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Updated: Apr 11, 2022, 08:19 PM IST

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Climate change has been a topic of concern for years now. Never before has it been approached with as much urgency as it is now. Current production patterns and energy storage solutions are reliable but not sustainable. This means that these solutions that we have been using for all of these years will no longer be available in a few years. However, the good news is that change can easily be achieved by looking at other renewable storage options. 

Flywheel energy storage provides a unique solution that allows electricity to be stored in the form of kinetic energy when it comes to electricity. In theory, the idea is simple; essentially, the surplus energy will spin a flywheel at thousands of rounds per minute. This will allow the energy to be stored as the flywheel will quickly move within the evacuated chamber. This energy storage solution is sustainable not just because of its longevity but also because of simple principles of physics that show that energy cannot simply disappear. 

By switching to a flywheel energy storage system, one can ensure a higher level of efficiency from their machines and an energy solution that is not harmful to the planet. In part, this is because this technology does not employ the methods of standard energy storage that result in high levels of emissions. Having a more resilient energy system with a high-efficiency level allows you to not lose out on the benefits of using electricity but, at the same time, helps ensure that your solution will be there in the long run. 

Still, as this is a relatively new technology, there aren’t many who have managed to develop products that will be sustainable and reliable enough for you to switch from using a traditional energy solution. That does, however, not mean that you are going to be unable to find a solution. It just means that you need to turn to the right company. 

Amber Kinetics is the industry leader in flywheel energy storage solutions, and for a good reason. The company, to this day, is the only provider of long-duration flywheel energy storage. This means that they have managed to find ways to extend the duration and, more importantly, the efficiency of the flywheels. This results in safer and more sustainable energy storage. In the long run, their solution has one more benefit. It will be more economical than any other energy solution that you may have previously used. 

What sets them apart from every other company is their commitment to providing advanced flywheel technology to its clients without compromising their services. They offer comprehensive protection plans and a ten-year product warranty to ensure that your products will continue running with the maximum possible efficiency. 

Finding better energy solutions not just for the environment but also for your budget can be challenging. Often people will feel as if they need to make a compromise, and usually, short-term but cheaper solutions will be the ones selected. With Amber Kinetics, though, customers can get flywheel technology solutions that have a performance warranty in the short run, a ten-year product warranty, and world-class maintenance. These help ensure that your new energy storage solution will be sustainable in the long run and that you will not be searching for a new solution in a few years.


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