Elon Musk may soon drop 280 character limit on Twitter

Elon Musk is anticipated to take a big stance on the word limit feature in the near future.

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Elon Musk has taken charge of Twitter and soon he will make several modifications to the microblogging platform.  Musk has reportedly requested managers to compile a list of staff members who can be let go after removing the top management. In order to evaluate the content moderation and deplatforming policies, the "Chief Twit" has also decided to organise a committee.
Musk is anticipated to take a big stance on the word limit feature in the near future amid the anticipation of several drastic alterations to the platform. In one of his tweet replies, he made a suggestion concerning the potential modification.
A user asked Elon Musk in one of tweets,“Can we get rid of character limits, or at least greatly expand it? One of the actual better things about wechat than Twitter. Would be better for public discourse than short fuses, no?” To which, Musk reacted "Absolutely."

Musk had the same point on a similar question, earlier in April when he was in tussle with Twitter, “My most immediate takeaway from this novella of a thread is that Twitter is way overdue for long form tweets!” he then replied. (Also ReadWho is Vijaya Gadde, who received Rs 610 crore after being fired from Twitter by Elon Musk?)
The character limit for tweets is the next substantial change we should expect, according to Musk's clarification. Furthermore, it's probable that the current 280-character limit will be lifted. Whether he will increase the limit on Twitter tweets or remove it totally is unknown.
Twitter currently permits only 280 characters to users per tweet, initially it was 140 characters, later in 2017 it was raised to 280.
Despite repeated pleas from users to extend the character limit, Twitter marketed itself as a space for succinct views. In the coming days, we'll have to wait and see if Elon Musk's hiring will alter this definition.
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