Apple beats Rs 25900000 crore company in AI race, ahead of Google, Meta in buying…

Microsoft recently broke all previous records to become the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Apple, its rival. However, Apple is still ahead of all the tech giants in one particular race.

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Microsoft recently surpassed rival Apple to become the most valuable company in the world, shattering all previous records in the process. Nevertheless, Apple outpaces all other tech giants in one particular race: for a long time, Apple has been covertly acquiring startups focused on artificial intelligence to enhance its AI capabilities across all of its products and experiences. This demonstrates why, in the tech race, you should never undervalue Apple since, as demonstrated by this instance, it can surprise you at any time. The AI race has been the main focus of many tech giants because competitors are aware that AI will be essential to future technological competition.

Based on estimates from Stocklytics, which obtained its data from a Statista report, Apple may have acquired up to 32 AI companies in the previous year. In terms of AI startup acquisitions, this number places Apple far ahead of other major tech giants. In 2023, Google acquired 21 AI startups, Facebook owner Meta purchased 18, and Microsoft with 17 acquisitions. 

With a market cap of over Rs 25900000 crore, Microsoft has even emerged as the most valuable company in the world. However, it is surprising to know that Apple continues to outpace Microsoft in terms of acquiring AI startups. While Apple has not disclosed its precise plans for integrating the technology and expertise it has acquired in the area of artificial intelligence, the company's acquisition strategy shows that it is taking a comprehensive approach that includes expanding its intellectual property, acquiring talent, and integrating technology.

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