Wayback Wednesday: When Karan Johar worried about ageing alone and 'not having a family to lean on'

On 'Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan', Karan Johar had shared about the biggest fear of his life 'loneliness'.

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It's been three years since Karan Johar embraced fatherhood. He welcomed twins a girl Roohi and a boy Yash via surrogacy and since then they have apples of his eyes. Now during the lockdown, the filmmaker is making the most of it by spending time with his babies and having the most fun ever. Although the news of the arrival of his babies was a surprise to many, Karan had shared a thought about it back in 2014 on the show, Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan.

He had said, "The only thing that gets me worried is ageing alone and not having a family to lean on when I’m physically invalid. So, that's my biggest fear in life, loneliness. I've thought about getting a dog or a child. Those are my two options. It sounds retarded but it’s true and I’ve been discussing it for a while. I think that's what I need because I don’t have a relationship."

Karan also shared, "I'm not falling in love, no one's falling in love with me and I'm not going to find the right person to settle down with. In the absence of that, the next best thing is your genetic pool so that’s where I got the idea of having a child. All else fails and if that doesn’t work out then there’s always a dog to lean on."

Then in 2019, Karan spoke about the happiness of being a father to two babies while on the show, Starry nights 2.Oh! He said, "I have new energy, new vigour and two wonderful new babies. I'm hoping that with the 2.0 version of my directorial life I will be able to be that filmmaker who not only danced at a wedding but also made great films."

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