Vivek Oberoi reveals this superstar helped him get work when he was 'boycotted' from Bollywood: 'He gave...'

Vivek Oberoi said that his frustration was "I was doing hit films, was getting awards, but why was I not getting work? Why was I getting boycotted like this?" At such low point, a superstar helped Vivek to bounce back.

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Vivek Oberoi (Image source: Twitter)

Vivek Oberoi recalled his career's low phase and opened up about being 'boycotted' from Bollywood. After making an impressive start in Bollywood, Vivek suffered a major downfall ever since he conducted a press conference against Salman Khan, claiming that the actor had threatened him over phone calls

In an interview with Mirchi Plus, Vivek confessed that when he felt depressed and his career was all-time low, one actor helped him in bouncing back. This superstar listened to Vivek, understood his problem and gave him a practical solution, that helped him to grow. 

The actor who helped Vivek Oberoi was...

Akshay Kumar. Yes, in the interview, Vivek admitted that he got depressed after his career hit an all-time low, and then he reached out to Akshay Kumar. Vivek asked Akshay's help over a call, and the actor reached at his home within 30 mins. Vivek recalled what Akshay told him, "'Bata kya problem chal rahi hai teri life mein?’ he asked me and then let me vent out, air my problems, pain. He heard me patiently and said, ‘I can help you with a positive mindset. There are several shows going on, and you have blockbuster songs. I am shooting a lot, so I can’t do these shows, but whatever enquiries come to me, I will divert it to you. You do it'." 

How Akshay helped Vivek to survive in his tough time

Vivek said that because of Akshay, "I started getting back on stage, fans started cheering and a good positive energy was around me. My frustration was I was doing hit films, was getting awards, but why was I not getting work? Why was I getting boycotted like this? He didn’t say I will stand up with you, fight this war against this lobby. He gave a practical, simple solution, which gave me money, good feeling, love and a lot of fun," Vivek said. On the work front, Vivek was last seen in Rohit Shetty's maiden series, Indian Police Force. Akshay Kumar will soon be seen in Bade Miyan Chote Miyan.

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