This star kid saw father kill his entire family, he barely survived shootout; failed as actor, director, now he...

In the early 90s, Kamal Sadanah made an impressive start at the box office, but before that, he suffered a grave tragedy and escaped death.

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This star kid saw father kill his entire family, he barely survived shootout; failed as actor, director, now he...
A still from Bekhudi (Image source: Screengrab)


The world of Bollywood isn't all about glitz and glamour. Few incidents often surprise or rather shock you. Today, we will discuss an actor who hails from a filmmaker's family. By the age of 19, he started assisting his father. However, two years before his film debut, he went through a tragedy and even survived a fatal attack, and the person behind the attack was his own father. Before making a mark with Bekhudi, Rang, Kamal Sadanah lost his mother, sister, and even father. 

Kamal Sadanah's family background

Kamal Sadanah is the son of filmmaker Brij Sadanah and actress Sayeeda Khan. Brij has made several box office hits such as Do Bhai, Yeh Raat Phir Na Aaygi, Ustadon Ke Ustad, Night In London, Victoria No. 203, Chori Mera Kaam, Ek Se Badhkar Ek, Yakeen, Professor Pyarelal. Kamal had a sister named Namrata. Actress Jyothika is Kamal's cousin sister. Kamal's father Brij Sadanah was the brother of Jyotika's father Chander Sadanah.

When Kamal's father ended his family and killed himself 

On October 21, 1990, Kamal was making arrangements for his 20th birthday party. A quarrel broke out between his parents, on the lower floor of the house, followed by gunshots. Kamal rushed to the scene to find both his mother and sister shot and unconscious. Kamal said that his father, who was intoxicated, shot him but he survived. After killing his wife and daughter, Brij Sadanah turned the pistol upon himself and shot himself. While speaking to Siddharth Kannan, Kamal recalled the incident, "I have always looked at it that way… I was also shot, I had a bullet go through one side of my neck and come out on the other side of my neck and I have survived it. There’s no logical reason for me to survive. It’s almost as if the bullet dodged every nerve and came out on the other side. There’s a reason why I survived it. Let me move ahead and let me find that reason, let me live well." 

The short stint of Kamal Sadanah

Kamal made his debut with Bekhudi (1992) opposite another fresh face, Kajol. Initially, the project was started with Saif Ali Khan and Kajol. Reportedly, the director Rahul Rawail found him unprofessional, thus he was replaced by Kamal. Bekhudi wasn't a big hit, but both actors left an impression. Kamal's next film, Rang, with Divya Bharti was a hit, and Kamal gained popularity.  Later, the actor starred in forgettable films, including Fauj, Baali Umar Ko Salaam, Hum Sab Chor Hain, Angaara, Mohabbat Aur Jung, and Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal. As an actor, his last film was Karkash (2005). 

Kamal failed as producer and director

As a director, Kamal helmed Karkash and Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans. Both films were commercial failures. Kamal also made his debut as a producer, remaking his father's blockbuster Victoria No 203 with Anupam Kher and Om Puri. However, the film was a box office disaster. 

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