'Ten years of ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’: Hrithik Roshan reveals how it has struck a chord with his kids Hridaan-Hrehaan

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the release of 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara', a film starring Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, and Abhay Deol

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In a recent interview, Hrithik Roshan, who played Arjun in the friendship-travel drama ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ opened up about the film's tenth anniversary and what makes it relatable even today.

The actor commended the film's excellent storyline, claiming there are no false notes in it.

Hrithik told ETimes, "It’s one of the few Hindi films of its time which, I think, has zero false notes. No moment, no dialogue, no intention that brings a false note. What plays out is very real. I think real cinema is devoid of the kind of heroism, which until then our films were almost reverent towards. So, this was like a breezy, refreshing, light-hearted, real film with a lot of integrity," 


Adding, "It’s not dependent on any kind of current fashion. It’s not seasonal and is not catering to society’s current trend. The film is all about its writing. Of course, the way Reema (Kagti) and Zoya write their films, as I said, it comes from a true place. It comes from their own experiences, their sense of reasoning and motivation, so nothing is referenced, nothing is duplicated. That’s why it’s so refreshing to read their scripts." 

. When asked what struck him the most about Arjun's character, Hrithik said, "Initially, I was offered Kabir’s role (which was played by Abhay Deol), but Zoya left it to me to judge what inspires me the most. However, there was something about a moment that Arjun lives, which is when he sits down after scuba diving. There was something so abstract about that emotion and yet so strong. It was something that I read between the lines there that impacted me to a great degree." 


"In this film, it was challenging because it didn’t need me to become anybody — Hrithik was the character. And that’s why it was very intimidating. It was scary because it is apparently easier to find out how another person would say a dialogue, and for me, it was a bit of a task to find out how I would say it as myself. So, I would say it didn’t change me, but it brought me out in front of the camera," Hrithik said when asked if playing Arjun changed him. 

Adding, "I welcomed this film with all my heart and soul because through this film, the universe was telling me that I needed to change, I needed to get out of that cocoon of mine and find my authentic self and live the kind of a life that I would live as Hrithik."

He also said that ZNMD has struck a chord with his children and is one of their favourites.

"When we watched ZNMD, I genuinely saw them identifying with that film. It was very surprising because it isn’t a children’s film, but I think what again rings true with an adult also rings true with a teenager or a kid because as children, we are more attuned to what’s honest and what’s not. They reacted to ZNMD more than any other film of mine. They gave the film 11/10 because they rate all my films,"

When asked about the possibility of a sequel he said,

"The potential for a sequel is always there. It definitely can be done, be it in 5 years or 15 years, that doesn’t matter. In fact, that would be really cool! But I don’t think Zoya is the kind who would want to make it, just because people want it. She has to stumble upon an instinctive, inspired thought about the sequel that would then fuel her mind to take those steps into building it into a script."  

When asked about what he misses the most about the film, Hrithik revealed, "I think the feeling of being on a set where everybody is like a community. That’s the world that I miss... I miss being part of a community."   

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the release of 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara', a film starring Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, and Abhay Deol. Hrithik Roshan portrayed Arjun Saluja, a financial broker who was eager about making large money.

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