'Shekhar Kapur is ignored in India because he is a Modi supporter', says Apurva Asrani: 'The man behind Mr India...'

Apurva Asrani has taken umbrage to the lack of reporting about Shekhar Kapur's new film receiving nine nominations at British national awards.

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Filmmaker and writer Apurva Asrani slammed the mainstream media and ‘liberals’ in a series of tweets on Wednesday. The issue was a lack of coverage of filmmaker Shekhar Kapur bagging nine nominations at the prestigious British National Film Awards. Asrani alleged that Kapur was being sidelined by a certain section of the media since he is a supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Shekhar Kapur’s recent film What’s Love Got To Do With It has bagged nine nominations at the British National Film Awards. On Wednesday, Asrani shared a news report about the same and lamented that the news wasn’t being covered more, slamming ‘liberal news portals’.

He tweeted, “This warrants so much more celebration in India. Instead this story hasn't made it to most mainstream & 'liberal' news portals. The man behind Masoom, Mr India, Bandit Queen & Elizabeth continues to shine on the world stage, but #ShekharKapoor's genius will be ignored in his own homeland because he is a Modi supporter. Fair press anyone?”

In a response to the original tweet, Asrani then listed out some of the illustrious winners of the award to underline its importance and said, “Previous winners of the British National Film Awards include fantastic talents like Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Kate Beckinsale, Ricky Gervais & Jude Law. Now wait for the 'crabs of woke' to belittle these awards & even cancel them so they can justify their pettiness against Shekhar Kapoor.”

What’s Love Got To Do With It, directed by Kapur, stars Lily James, Emma Thompson, Shabana Azmi, Shazad Latif, and Sajal Aly among others. The film was released in the UK in February.

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