Meet actress, who was humiliated on film set, left devasted, tried to kill herself; later gave Rs 300-crore film

Shabana Azmi, who is one of the most loved and celebrated actresses, was once humiliated on the film set.

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Meet actress, who was humiliated on film set, left devasted, tried to kill herself; later gave Rs 300-crore film
Shabana Azmi


Veteran actress Shabana Azmi is one of the most celebrated actresses in India. Be it her style or the way she speaks and carries herself, the actress never fails to mesmerise us.

But do you know, she was once humiliated on the film set? If not, let's take a look at her life struggles and see how she handled the situations.

Was humiliated on a film set

In one of the interviews, Shabana opened up about a challenging moment in her career when she thought of quitting films altogether. She recalled the incident that happened on the sets of Parvarish and revealed that she was deeply disheartened when she struggled with a dance sequence and was subjected to humiliation by choreographer Kamal in front of junior artists. The incident left her in tears and made her thought of stepping away from the Hindi film industry.

Recalling her experience with Parvarish, Shabana talked about the moment when she was embarrassed when she was not able to perform a dance sequence. While speaking to Adi Pocha during a podcast, Shabana said, “I cannot dance to save my life. I have two left feet. I had asked Kamal Master, he was choreographer. I said ‘Please give me rehearsals.’ He said rehearsal is not needed. You just have to clap.”

Upon arriving on set, she got to know the scene required a full-fledged dance performance, catching her off guard.“It was so frightening because I was with Neetu Singh. Even before I could figure out where I have to put my right foot, and left foot, Neetu would have done two rehearsals and sat over there,” she added. 

Ran away barefoot 

 "I was really very nervous. I told Kamal Ji it was very complicated and can we change it a little bit. There were a lot of junior artists on the sets. He said ‘Okay, lights off. Now Shabana Ji is now going to teach Kamal dance master what steps to do'. It was so humiliating and bad that I just ran off the set. I was in these ghastly clothes. I went (out) to find my car was not there. In those clothes I started walking barefoot to my house in Juhu, crying away and saying ‘I am not going to work in any film anymore. I just don't want this humiliation.”

Shabana recalled that it was the director Manmohan Desai, who later approached and hugged her. He also expressed regret and comforted her. And it was Neetu Singh who inquired about the incident and asked Sulakshana Pandit to intervene. 

Tried to herself during childhood

Shabana's mother Shukat in her autobiography revealed that the actress tried to kill herself twice during childhood, she wrote, "She went to the school laboratory and ate copper sulfate. When her best friend Parna told her that Shabana had told her that I loved Baba more than her, I grabbed my forehead in despair." 

Shabana Azmi recently appeared in Karan Johar's Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani which collected more than Rs 300 crore worldwide.

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