Satish Kaushik reveals pregnant Neena Gupta 'was in tears' when he proposed to her for marriage

Satish Kaushik had offered Neena Gupta to marry him when she was pregnant with Masaba Gupta and struggling.

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Satish Kaushik reveals pregnant Neena Gupta 'was in tears' when he proposed to her for marriage
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Neena Gupta’s ‘Sach Kahun toh’: An Autobiography is currently stealing headlines with its eye-opening disclosures.

One of her revelations included that when she was pregnant with Masaba Gupta, Satish Kaushik had offered to marry her. Kaushik has now responded to Neena's revelations.

In an interview with Bombay Times, Satish explained how he did so out of friendly feelings for her. “Whatever you are reading in the memoir, it was all an expression of my affection for her as a friend. I was concerned about not letting her feel alone. At the end of the day, that’s what friends are for, right? As mentioned in the book, when I offered to marry her, it was a mix of humour, concern, respect, and support for my best friend in her time of need. I told her, ‘Main hoon na, tu chinta kyu karti hai?’ She was moved by the gesture and was in tears. From that day onwards, our friendship grew stronger.”

Satish says he was aware that Neena was going to mention him in the book. “She told me that she was writing about her life and if I had any objection. I replied, ‘ Likh tu araam se. No problem’. I salute her and the journey she has had,” replies Kaushik, adding, “My wife, Shashi, knows about my equation with Neena, who is a regular at our home. She understands and respects our friendship.

Speaking of their friendship, Neena wrote in her book, “I had tears in my eyes because it’s amazing that a friend wanted to help you in the hour… you know when you needed him or her the most. And him saying that is like I’ll never forget because it’s the most beautiful thing a friend can say to help you out. To just stand by you basically.”

Neena also revealed in her autobiography that another friend suggested that she marry a gay man when she was pregnant with Masaba in order to avoid speculation.

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