Richa Chadha's take on why Bollywood won't speak up against sexual harassment makes total sense

After Hollywood's infamous Harvey Weinstein scandal, everyone wonders why Bollywood isn't vocal about the matter?

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Richa Chadha


Fukrey Returns actress, Richa Chaddha in midst of promoting her December release won't think twice without raising her voice about important issues.

She has been vocal about matters she believes in and won't think twice on giving out her opinion on why Bollywood actors are afraid to raise their voice against sexual harassment at work. Just like Hollywood stood up against Harvey Weinstein.

In an interview to Hindustan Times, Richa said, “You have to understand why people in Bollywood don’t speak up. They will lose their livelihood. How many powerful women has it taken for people to conclusively decide that Harvey Wienstine was a predator. That is how the case has become huge. If anyone, who didn’t have a career, had said it, people would’ve trashed her. In India, when there is a rape, what we hear first is, ‘what was she wearing?’ The culture of victim shaming is so strong here.” said Richa. 

She even spilled beans about #MeToo campaign on social media, where women revealed their stories. Richa said, “ We live in a culture of victim shaming. It’s like they will lose work. Who will take the responsibility of protecting them? Slowly we have to shift to a culture where it is from Me too to Him too, where people will have the strength to complain about others.”

Blaming the patriarchy culture in our society, Richa Chadha made total sense. She said, “It won’t get over because it is not a temporary problem. It is an ecosystem which favours men who are in position as power. This is a very difficult situation to deal with and the ripple effect touches all other aspects of your career. This is also really difficult thing to deal with because it effects your current relationship, your relation with your sexuality and how people look at you.

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