Rhea Chakraborty claims Sushant Singh Rajput started 'hallucinating' after seeing Francisco Goya's masterpiece

Rhea Chakraborty has made a claim that Sushant Singh Rajput 'hallucinated' to Francisco Goya's masterpiece, but did he really?

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Rhea Chakraborty claims Sushant Singh Rajput started 'hallucinating' after seeing Francisco Goya's masterpiece
Rhea Chakraborty claims Sushant Singh Rajput started 'hallucinating' about Francisco Goya's masterpiece. Photo: Instagram


During one of her statements with the police officials, Rhea Chakraborty has stated that Sushant Singh Rajput was 'hallucinating' about a painting during their stay at a heritage hotel in Italy. She was describing an incident from their Europe trip in October 2019.

Rhea said that while staying in the 600-year-old heritage hotel in Italy, Sushant Singh Rajput started 'hallucinating' about a masterpiece by Francisco Goya. According to Rhea, the painting called 'Saturn Devouring His Own Son', left Sushant 'visibly shaken'.

The actress went on to say that at one point she found Sushant chanting mantras using a rudraksh. Various news channels and media houses have reported that the actor saw the characters in the painting and was unable to describe it clearly.

The painting, which is actually a masterpiece by Francisco Goya, was actually one of the paintings at the hotel the couple was staying in. 'Saturn Devouring His Own Son' originally showed Saturn eating his own sons moments after they were born, in the fear that they would overthrow him. Eventually, Saturn was overthrown by his own son Jupiter, just like it came into power by owerthrowing his father Caelus.

For the uninformed, Francisco Goya had used the walls of his houses as murals and out of his 14 'black paintings', 'Saturn Devouring His Son' was one. The original painting, however, gained bad shape (mainly because it was painted directly on a wall).

Post that, one of the owners Belgian Baron Emile d'Erlanger transferred the paintings on a canvas in 1874, 51 years after Goya's self-exile in France. d'Eralanger transferred the paintings to Madrid's famous museum called Museo del Prado under the guidance of the chief art restorer Salvador Martinez Cubells. Currently, while remains of the painting are in the wall, it has been duplicated for the museum too.

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