Ranveer Singh gushes about wife Deepika Padukone, says ‘She's so normal, it's astonishing!’

Ranveer Singh is smitten by his ladylove Deepika Padukone since their 6-year-relationship and he plans to become 'husband of the millenium'.

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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are one of the most sough-after Bollywood couples. They even got married in November this year, after 6 years of being in a relationship.

Their marriage was, like expected, one of the most awaited and full of goals, especially with the dreamy photos of the couple at their destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

Ranveer especially was quite smitten by his ladylove since a long time. He had recently opened up in an interview and said that he wanted to marry Deepika 3 years back.

Seeing that Deepika Padukone was already an established star when Ranveer Singh grew as an actor while doing 3 films with her, it was quite interesting to know what made them bond.

In Ranveer’s own words, he revealed the same while talking to Film Companion, saying, "A part of the reason why Deepika and I were able to connect as people the way we did was because our upbringing was very similar. In the sense, that our folks are really normal people, so when the work is over we go home, it's very normal and it's very simple. I think we have a support system that keeps us grounded. Both of us have been brought to be a certain way."

He continued, "I can't say this about myself but I can tell you, she's such a simple girl. She's so normal, it's astonishing! She's like the biggest superstar and you have to see her at home...She's just... kya bolu?"

Ranveer and Deepika respect their professional space and never let it come between their personal life, the recent example of the same was Ranveer delaying his honeymoon because his movie Simmba is going to release this Friday. That, ladies and gentlemen, are goals of being a professional.

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