Priyanka Chopra to John Abraham: These pets of B-Town celebs are a huge hit on social media

These furry friends of celebs are a huge hit on the social media website

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Priyanka Chopra to John Abraham: These pets of B-Town celebs are a huge hit on social media

Choupette Lagerfeld, designer Karl Lagerfeld’s pet cat, is among the most popular celeb pets on Instagram with over 103k followers. She has a manager to handle her account. And the life she leads is amazing. We have quite a few animal lovers in B-Town, too. While many of them prefer to keep their pets away from media glare, there are others who don’t mind sharing their furry friends’ happy moments. Here are B-Town celeb pets who are a hit on Instagram.

Who: Diana Chopra
Pet parent: Priyanka Chopra
Twitter handle: @diariesofdiana
No of followers: 32.1k
Diana leads the good life with mommy Priyanka by her side. It’s been a year since PC got Diana, and her Instagram page chronicles their fun moments together as well as with friends. And like mommy PC, Diana too has a massive following of over 32.1 k people.

Who: Bailey Abraham
Pet parent: John Abraham
Twitter handle: @abraham_bailey
No of followers: 8.2k
John is an animal lover and has even raised his voice for various issues related to compassion towards animals. When it came to getting a pet, the actor chose a mixed breed dog, Bailey, who he doesn’t like to be addressed as a stray. The half-Doberman-half indie dog’s Instagram account is full of adorable moments — some alone, some with John and some with her other four-legged friends.

Who: Tia Choudry
Pet parent: Sophie Choudry
Twitter handle: tia_thetzu
No of followers: 1.5k
This super cute Shih Tzu puppy spends all her time with mummy Sophie and granny Yasmin. Her account is proof of the love that the Choudry family showers on her. Her account gives a peek into the sweet moments she has shared with the family and her huge collection of toys.

Who: Batuk Kishwer M Rai
Pet parents: Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai
Twitter handle: batuknathrai
No of followers: 29.6k
Batuk Kishwer M Rai’s bio gives an insight into the beagle’s personality. The spoilt canine is adored by his parents Kishwer and Suyyash. He spends his time jamming with papa Suyyash and cuddling with mom Kishwer. He also has a few pictures with the couple’s other celeb buddies like Karan Wahi and Ritvik Dhanjani.

Who: Handsome Malik
Pet parents: Amaal and Armaan Malik
Twitter handle: hihandsome08
No of followers: 27.2k
Handsome Malik’s Insta bio describes him as the Celebrity Chow. The good-looking bloke has an ear for music, according to Amaal and Armaan. He is partial to instrumental music, but isn’t into EDM. Handsome’s Instagram account chronicles the time he has spent with the Maliks, right from the time Amaal held him for the first time to his current furry self. Like his parents, he too is popular in social media with over 27.2k followers.

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