Not Reena Roy, but these superstars were approached for Nagin, actress got selected after recommendation of...

Reena Roy got the career-changing film Nagin after Asha Parekh and Rekha rejected the titular role of the female shape-shifting serpent.

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Reena Roy in Nagin (Image source: IMDb)

Late filmmaker Rajkumar Kohli is known for producing ensemble blockbusters. One of his most popular films was Nagin. The 1976 horror drama was based on a female shape-shifting serpent and her quest to hunt down her lover's killers. Nagin had a stellar cast, with actress Reena Roy playing the titular role, along with Sunil Dutt, Feroz Khan, Sanjay Khan, Rekha, Mumtaz, Vinod Mehra, Yogeeta Bali, Kabir Bedi, Anil Dhawan, and Jeetendra. 

On its release, Nagin became a blockbuster and was also the highest-grossing Hindi film of 1976. The mega success of Nagin established Reena as a star, and the movie remained the biggest hit of her career. It is interesting to know that Reena, who established her stardom with Nagin, was never the first choice of the film. 

Before Reena Roy, Naagin was offered to...

Reena wasn't the first choice for Nagin. She was considered for the role after two established actresses rejected the project. Before Reena Roy, this role was offered to Asha Parekh and Rekha. Both actresses rejected the role, and Reena got the career-changing opportunity. Reena was signed for Nagin on the recommendation of another superstar, do you know who?

How did Reena crack Nagin? 

Reena, who was a newcomer in those days, managed to crack Nagin because of Nargis. The superstar actress and wife of Sunil Dutt once spotted Reena and she recommended her to the makers. Reena acknowledged the same story when she appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show with her contemporary Moushumi Chatterjee. In the show, Reena revealed that she was outdoors, hanging out and engaging in playful activities with her friends when Nargis’ car happened to pass by. Nargis' husband, Sunil Dutt was looking for the female lead in Nagin. When Nargis spotted Reena, she decided that the girl running faster would be ideal choice for the role. After Nargis' recommendation, a representative from the production reached out to Reena, and that's how she got the film. 

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