Meet superstar's sister, RJ, who earned money by dancing in weddings at 3, became writer at 13, is now famous…

This writer, music composer, and RJ is the sister of a superstar, her daughter is also a television star.

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Govinda's sister Kaamini Khanna

Many Bollywood stars have siblings who chose not to be actors and opted for other professions. One such actor, who made his name in the entertainment industry, his sister became a writer at 13, is an RJ. The superstar we are talking about is Govinda. You all have heard about Govinda’s niece Ragini Khanna, Aarti Singh, and his nephew Krushna Abhishek. However, very few knew about her sister Kaamini Khanna, who is a writer, music composer, RJ, dancer, and astrologer. 

Kaamini Khanna is the mother of television actress Ragini Khanna and sister of Bollywood superstar Govinda. Kaamini revealed in an interview how she was a born dancer and did 300-400 programs at the age of 3. Kaamini said in an interview with News18 Urdu, “I used to dance a lot on filmy songs. I was 3 years old when people used to take me to weddings and make me dance, fill my pockets with money. I was young, didn't know what was happening, and this way I did 300-400 programs at the age of 3.” 

She further revealed that she always wanted to be an actress, but her mother didn't approve of it as she wanted her to study. So she changed her passion. She added, “I started writing before the age of 13. I kept writing and also studying side by side and topped my college. I wrote 16 books.” 

Kaamini further revealed that she got married at the age of 18 and as her husband didn't like to see her dance, she left dancing. She then learned classical music for 16 years and then became a music director. She further said that she composed music for 300 advertisements. She also revealed that she handled Govinda’s work for 4 years.

Kaamini Khanna also worked as an RJ at Big FM and is now a famous astrologer and is the founder of Beauty with Astrology. She is quite active on Instagram as well as on YouTube. She enjoys a fan following of 28.2k followers on Instagram. Kaamini has two children, daughter Ragini Khanna, who has made her mark in the television industry, and son Amit Khanna who is also a television actor. She recently released her 24th book titled Bhagwan Hai.

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