Meet 24-year-old social media influencer who bought Akshay Kumar’s house in Mumbai; know her connection to Alia Bhatt

This social media influencer bought a luxurious house at the age of 24.

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Social media influencer who bought Akshay Kumar's house

In today’s time, owning a house is considered a big thing, a milestone that most of us dream of achieving one day. Recently, Anushka Sen, a 21-year-old actress bought a luxurious house in Mumbai and now a popular social media influencer has bought her own house at 24. 

The influencer we are talking about is popularly known for her mimicry videos on Instagram. She bought the house which was earlier owned by Akshay Kumar. She is none other than Chandani Bhabhda. 

Chandani Bhabhda is a popular social media content creator who gained fame with her mimicry videos. She has a special connection to Alia Bhatt as the video which gained her fame was when she ordered a pizza in the voice of Alia Bhatt. Her impressions were so on-point that the person taking the order got quite nervous during the call. The video blew up on Instagram and was circulated on other social media platforms as well.

She is often seen mimicking Alia Bhatt in her videos and has carved out a unique space for herself in the digital realm along with other engaging content like daily vlogs. Talking about how she came up with the idea of mimicry, Chandani told India Today, “Mimicry naturally happens to me, so it is a subconscious process. Initially, mimicry was quite criticized because it was considered as a bad type of behavior as it was mostly making fun of people. I used to get bullied in school a lot for that. I went into depression because I had mimicked a teacher and it was made into a huge issue. But I think I had faith in myself, so that helped me a lot. Support from friends, not so much.”

She recently took to her Instagram to share some pictures flaunting her new house in Mumbai. She wore an elegant pink saree complemented by a vibrant red chunari, she radiated grace and beauty throughout the griha parvesh ceremony. Expressing heartfelt gratitude, she reflected on the achievement of purchasing her dream home through EMI before the age of 24. She wrote, “House (heart emoji) Buying a house under 25. Brb paying EMl's.” According to various reports, the house that Chandani bought was earlier owned by Akshay Kumar. The house is located in Andheri, Mumbai.

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