Kriti Sanon slams media for 'banging car window' to click clearer photos at Sushant Singh Rajput's funeral

Kriti Sanon took to her Instagram page and slammed media with a prolonged note post demise of Sushant Singh Rajput.

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Kriti Sanon took to her social media pages and penned several thoughts which came on her mind. She wrote about people trolling and now showing positivity after a person is gone. Kriti also slammed media for asking her to roll down her car windows to get her clearer photos at the funeral of Sushant Singh Rajput held on Monday. The actor also penned that Blind Items should be illegal as it's a form of mental harassment.

Below is Kriti's note, read on...

It's strange that the otherwise trolling, gossiping world suddenly wakes up to your niceness and positive side once you are gone...

"Social media is the FAKEST, most toxic place... and if you haven't posted RIP or said something publicly, you are considered not to be grieving, when in reality, those are the people grieving for REAL. It seems Social Media is the new "Real" world. and the Real-world has become "Fake".

Some MEDIA people have completely lost their motive and sensitivity... At a time like this, all they do is ask you to come live or give a comment! Like really??! Banging the car window and saying "madam sheesha neeche karo na" to get a clearer picture of someone going for a funeral... The funeral is a very private and personal affair... Lets put Humanity before our profession! I request media to either not be present there or at least maintain some dignity and distance. Behind the starry glitter and the so-called glamour, we are normal human beings with the same feelings as you have... Don't forget that...

There should be RULES for Journalism- someone should define what's acceptable, what's not, what falls under "journalism", and what comes under "None of Your Business" and "Live and let live".

Blind Items should be ILLEGAL, should be banned! They should come under Mental Harassment! So you either have proof and some f***ing guts to write the names or don't write it at all! You write "hear-say" and call it journalism while you have no idea how badly that can affect someone's mind, their family, their life. Little Birdie is usually not right...

The blame game never ends... Stop talking bad about anyone at all... stop the gossip... stop thinking you know it all, or your opinion is the truth... Everyone is battling a fight you know NOTHING of. So know that any negativity coming out of your mouth, any trolling, any bitching, shows what YOU are, not what THEY are... And while most of us manage to ignore it or filter it or not get bothered by one nasty comment, it still subconsciously affects us, some more than others.

We need to stop phrases like "ladke nahi rote". "aise nahi rote", "don't cry, be strong"... Crying is not a sign of weakness... so cry your heart out, scream if you need to, know everything that you are feeling, it's ok to not be ok, but talk it out with the one you feel might understand. Take your time to heal... Hold onto your family and people who genuinely love you and care about you... Never let them go... they are your strength and will be by your side no matter what... so LET them be around... no one is strong enough to battle life alone..."



Kriti captioned her post stating, "There are a lot of thoughts crossing my mind... A LOT! But for now, this is all I wanna say!"

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