Kriti Sanon posts about 'karma', says 'you can't throw shit and wonder why life stinks'

Kriti Sanon shared a post about 'karma' and how people 'receive what they put out'

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Kriti Sanon posts about 'karma', says 'you can't throw shit and wonder why life stinks'
Kriti Sanon shares cryptic post on 'karma'. Photo: File Photo.


Kriti Sanon, who had been participating in ensuring justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, shared a post on 'karma' amidst CBI probe of actor Rhea Chakraborty. Kriti shared an audiobook of 'The Secret' and penned about 'karma', and shared the hashtag 'you receive what you put out'.

Stating that people can't throw shit around and wonder why their life stinks, Kriti shared, “THINK , BELIEVE , MANIFEST. I believe in energy. The thoughts you think & the words you speak determine what you receive.. If you let out negativity and frustration, it might calm you for that moment, but you’d never eventually be at peace.. In other words, you can’t throw s**t all around and wonder why your life stinks..”

“So think positive and be kind because the energy you emit will bounce back at you ultimately. Make sure you emit what you would like to receive. Some call it the law of attraction. Some call it Karma. #yourecievewhatyouputout #spreadlove #MyMantra #audiobook,” she added.

Here's her post:


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Kriti Sanon was part of Sushant Singh Rajput's funeral and since, she has been asking for justice for the actor. Rajput died on June 14, and after Mumbai Police and Bihar Police, currently the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is probing the matter.

The 'Raabta' actress had also shared that she was 'extremely restless' for two months (August 14), but there was 'ray of hope' after CBI took over the matter. “Last 2 months have been extremely restless with everything being so blurry. Supreme Court’s order to let the CBI investigate Sushant’s case is a ray of hope that the truth will finally shine. Lets all have faith, stop speculating & let the CBI do their work now! #CBIForSSR,” she wrote on Twitter.

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