'Gets boring for me to act with same person': Kirti Kulhari

Kirti was last seen in Disney+ Hotstar’s 'Shaadisthan' and her future projects include web series 'Human' and 'Four More Shots Season 3'

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'Gets boring for me to act with same person': Kirti Kulhari
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Kirti Kulhari has forged a space for herself in the Bollywood industry. The actor has not only worked in several hit films but has showcased her talent on OTT as well. She has acted in web shows like ‘Four More Shots’ and ‘Criminal Justice’ which were an instant with the audience. Kirti was last seen in Disney+ Hotstar’s 'Shaadisthan'.

In an exclusive interview with Zee News Digital, Kirti has revealed who is her industry favourite and what excited her to take up Shaadisthan.

Q. What prompted you to take up Shaadistan?
A.The idea of the script really excited me. I think it was a topic that kind of needed to be discussed and I'm all for discussing things which lead to a free society and you know empowering people and of course the character of Sasha, which comes across as so empowered herself in such a beautiful way, in such a human and she's playing a singer you know just being a rock star and. So all of this put together just really. I just really felt this film needed to be made and it has turned out to be a very very special film. 

Q. After Four More Shots and Criminal Justice, was working in a film a deliberate choice?
A.I do not look at my work you know I didn't distinguish between it in terms of series or a film. I mean, yes, you want to balance because the series is very demanding, it kind of takes a lot of your time and effort and you know and yes sometimes films are much less a commitment that ways. The preparation is pretty much the same but at least the shooting time and all of that is much lesser but as I said more important to me is - what's coming my way and do I want to be a part of it? 

Q.What excites you as an actor?
A. A good script which is a good subject, you know, but also the story will be known on this subject is also very important because sometimes you might have a very interesting subject but it's not you know coming through and it's not conveying what it's meant to in the best way because of the story around it. So, both these factors plus of course my character what am I doing in the series or the film and what am I playing and how exciting that is and how challenging that is and how different it is from what but what I've done before. And of course, the director taking it forward really matters to me because it's ultimately his vision and I want to make sure that the vision that the person has matches with my vision or is better than my vision.

Q. Who is your fav co-star and why?
A. I don't have any favourites as such, I, in fact, enjoyed working with different people all the time. The way it's boring for me to repeat the characters, the same way it gets boring for me to act with the same person. You know I'm always looking for it's always nice to work with the new people and you know fresh people and because that's where you really learn and understand and connect or not connect. There is something new there and new is exciting.

Q. Your future projects
A. My future projects include of series called 'Human' with Shefali Shah, directed and produced by Vipul Shah, also co-directed by Mozez Singh. It's a medical drama, that's something that's going to be out this year. There is 'Four More Shots Season 3', and I have a couple of short films called the one Inside Out and the other is called Charu, - these I have in the pipeline.

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