Kangana Ranaut loses Twitter followers, says 'Nationalists have to struggle everywhere'

Kangana Ranaut has started losing Twitter followers and her reaction to the same was seeing that 'Nationalists have to struggle everywhere'

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Kangana Ranaut loses Twitter followers, says 'Nationalists have to struggle everywhere'
Kangana Ranaut loses Twitter followers, here's what she thinks. Photo: File Photo.


Kangana Ranaut and her fans noticed that the actress was losing her count of Twitter followers. When a user claimed that it was because she 'exposed a left leaning scum' on the platform, Kangana said that Nationalists have to struggle everywhere.

A user pointed out, "Kangana ji your follower counts are being reduced. I had this doubt but now it's confirmed that twitter doing this. It was around 992K an hour back but now it is 988K."

Post that, Kangana wrote to Twitter and asked, "I agree I notice pattern every day 40-50 thousand followers drop, I am very new to this place but how does this work? Why are they doing this any idea?"

Another user informed her about 'ghost bans', which means if a Twitter user speaks up against anti nationals, something with nationalist sentiments or 'expose a left leaning scum' and it gains popularity then Twitter lowers the visibility of tweets.

The user shared, "Maam these are called "Ghost bans" . Basically if you speak up anything against anti nationals , say something with nationalistic sentiments or expose some left leaning scum on Twitr & it gains 2 much popularity, Twtr gives you ghost bans I.e. lowering visibly of tweets...."

Kangana replied to the same writing, "Hmm I see Nationalists have to struggle every where, racket is so strong, I noticed because last night we were to very close to a million, anyway, sincere apologies to all those who are getting unfollows automatically, so unfair but arnt we used to this now."

Here's the conversation:

Kangana Ranaut is currently speaking up on Sushant Singh Rajput's death case. She has gone on to claim that there is a movie mafia in Bollywood, which tried to destroy Sushant's career. Kangana has also often gone on to state that they tried to play with her career too, much like they do with every outsider who doesn't have a godfather in the industry.

Sushant died on June 14, 2020 under mysterious circumstances. Kangana has since stated that Bollywood is involved with the drugs and have joined hands with the Mumbai Police in letting crimes go unpunished.

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