Kangana Ranaut calls Urfi Javed 'pure, divine' after actress slams her, tweets Mahadevi Akka's story

After Urfi criticised Kangana for dividing actors on the basis of religion, the latter called her pure and even appreciated her fashion sense.

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Yesterday, Urfi Javed slammed Kangana Ranaut for comparing Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan with her last film Dhaakad. She even criticised Ranaut for dividing as per religion. 

Kangana replied back to Urfi and asked her to join in requesting PM Narendra Modi for Uniform Civil Code. Later in the night Urfi responded to Kangana's suggestion, and wrote, "Uniform wound be a bad idea for me ma'am!  I’m popular only because of my clothes." 

Here's Urfi's reply

Netizens expected that there would be a war of words between these two artists, but Kangana has praised Uorfi for her attitude and dressing sense. On her Twitter, Kangana shared a story about Mahadevi Akka, and said, "In India there was Queen called Mahadevi Akka,who loved Shiva her husband before the court said if she loved Shiva n not him then she shouldn’t take anything from him,she dropped all her clothes left the palace and never covered her body again. Clothes and a lack of them, both are self expression."

Ranaut further called Uorfi 'pure' and 'divine.' She added, "Mahadevi Akka is a shinning star In the world of Kannada literature she is the greatest, she lived in forests and never wore clothes. Don’t let anyone shame you about your body, you are pure and divine, my love to you."

Here are the tweets of Kangana Ranaut

Last week, Kangana interacted with the media and said that film like Pathaan should work. The next day, Kangana took her thoughts to Twitter, and wrote, "All those who are claiming Pathan is triumph of love over hate,I agree but whose love over whose hate? Let’s be precise, whose is buying tickets and making it a success? Yes, it is India’s love and inclusiveness where eighty percent Hindus lives and yet a film called Pathan." 

Ranaut replied to a few comments, and went on to compare Pathaan with her last flop Dhaakad, by tweeting, "Yes, Dhakad was a historic flop, when did I deny this? This is SRK ji's first successful film in ten years, we also take inspiration from him, I hope we will also get a similar chance that India gave him. After all this India is great, it is generous, Jai Shri Ram." Kangana Ranaut will next be seen in Emergency. 

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