Meet superstar who was bullied, traumatised in school, couldn't speak, had spinal problems, is now worth Rs 3000 crore

Hrithik Roshan was bullied when he was in school, he lacked confidence because of his stammering disability.

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Hrithik Roshan childhood photo

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, who gave us many blockbusters, has been entertaining us for years. He is one of the top actors in the industry and has a huge fan following. But do you know, his journey was never easy?

Hrithik was bullied when he was in school, he lacked confidence because of his stammering disability. As per Indian Express, in one of his interviews, he mentioned, “I have sometimes felt that life is very unfair. In school, I had such a bad stammer that I couldn’t speak. I never had any friends, or girlfriends. I was very shy, and would come back from school and just cry. School days were very painful…on top of that, doctors told me that I couldn’t become an actor. There were problems with my spine, doctors said ‘You cannot dance’.”

He added, “I was so broken, that I would wake up for months, and would think it is a dream, a lucid dream. It was so heartbreaking and relived that feeling of knowing that I could not become an actor…I am disabled. So it was very traumatising.”

But all these struggles during his childhood, gave him a life lesson. He said, “Now when I look back, I thank god, thank you for giving me the problem where I could learn how to be strong, I learnt perseverance and if I did not have a broken spine and speech impediment…for the day to be there, you have to have the night.”

“When problems come, it becomes a game. I can hold on to this thought that I can learn from this pain, and it can shape my character. I come out stronger,” he added.

As per media reports, Hrithik Roshan’s net worth is more than Rs 3000 crore. He has invested in opulent residences, including two apartments on Juhu-Versova Link Road in Mumbai, with values of INR 97.50 crore (USD 11.7 million approx.) and INR 67.5 crore (USD 8 million approx.). Additionally, he has a Juhu apartment valued at INR 32 crore (USD 3.8 million approx.) and a sprawling 7-acre farmhouse in Lonavala. The actor's property portfolio extends to premium locations in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.



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