Birthday boy Arjun Kapoor talks about his favourite co-star, 'go-to person' in the family

'I think that our paparazzi is not intrusive if you don't want them to be,' said Arjun Kapoor while addressing the issue of privacy in public

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Birthday boy Arjun Kapoor talks about his favourite co-star, 'go-to person' in the family
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As Arjun Kapoor turns a year older, he seems to be finding his niche via small budget films. Basking in the glory of his recent hit 'Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar' he seems more relaxed and more than ready for his upcoming projects and his thoughts on OTT and favourite co-stars!  In an exclusive interview with Zee News Digital, Arjun Kapoor reveals what he feels about growing paparazzi culture in Bollywood and who is his go-to person in the family.

Q. Were you expecting this kind of critical appreciation for Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar?

A. Well, you always hope for critical appreciation but then unfortunately when the film could not get the correct theatrical release, the reviews got lost and obviously, the audiences were not in the frame of mind to watch a film in theatres - you kind of accept that, okay it will eventually over a course of time find its love in the audience and then boom, it comes out 2 months later on Amazon. Everyone connects and resonates with the people, layers, and the characters of the film - everything together - this kind of critical appreciation is very heartwarming and unexpected not because I didn't believe in the work I did, but because of the circumstances. So it's heartening to know that the audiences always find a good film.

Q. Does the paparazzi culture bother you, especially when you are with your loved ones?

A. As long as there is no invasion of privacy at the end of the day. I always believe if you are sitting in a comfort of a place which you consider private - if somebody is invading you, that is wrong. If you are out in the public domain then you cannot help it, this is part and parcel of the culture. There has to be a certain dignity with which the work is conducted, you can't be slimy or sleazy or nosy about it. There is a decoram and decency, there is nothing wrong with a paparazzi culture, eventually, they are earning their bread and butter and we are public commodities. There is a certain amount of interest in our personal day-to-day activities, so, you can't avoid it or evade it - you have to accept it. But like I said, it should be done with decency and I think that our paparazzi have also evolved and adapted to that side also - so am happy about that aspect. They are not intrusive if you don't want them to be.

Q. You have an interesting line-up of films, tell us about your roles.

A. It's quite interesting I am doing Bhoot Police with Saif Ali Khan which just got completed. It's a horror-comedy and a different space for me. It's more like a film on brotherhood - two brothers on an adventure journey. Then I have an action film with John Abraham, Villain, where I have Tara Sutaria and Disha Patani as co-actors and returning to work with Mohit Suri to see him create magic with his music and the mounting, twists and turns which came in the first part as well. Two very different and exciting films for me. 

Q. What does Arjun Kapoor the actor wants to enact on-screen? Any specific role

A.  I want to enact many different roles, that's why I always contiuned to do various roles. 'Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar' was my 14th film that, well technically 13 film that come out. So, yes I never wanted to be pigeonhold or typecast in any role, so I want to do all kinds of films. 'Bhoot Police' will be my 15 and Villain my 16th film - want to have fun on-screen.

Q. Your go-to person in the family?

A. My go-to person has to be Anshula, we have spent so much time together, she's my sister and we live together. 

Q. What kind of cinema excites you?

A. Right now the kind of cinema that excites me is this interesting amalgamation of mainstream and  Indi cinema, kind of converting into being one, where the lines are being blurred, where you don't have to go to extremes - that's a new exciting kind of cinema that I am looking forward to see the evolution over three, four or five years. Because now we have the big screen experience and the OTT experience - we need to get both the audience to start crossing over and enjoying all kinds of films. 

Q. Your favourite co-star and why?

A. It's very difficult to say one favourite co-star, I mean from my first film to my last, honestly, my first one was with Parineeti Chopra to the last one I completed with Saif Ali Khan, for that matter. In between all that, there has been Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan sir, Manoj Bajpayee, Alia, Priyanka, Deepika, Ranveer, Kareena, Anil Kapoor Chachu, Sanjay Dutt, Kriti Sanon. Like I said, now Saif John Abrahameven, Prithviraj in Aurangzeb. I hv been very very lucky if you look at it to work with all kinds of actors who have taught me so much. Whether it's just being off screen or even on screen, I think it's it's been an amazing experience working with each and every one of them.

Yeah like I said, whether it's Kareena, Alia, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika, Kriti, Parineetit or it is Sanju sir, Anil Chachu, Irrfan sir, Chintu uncle, Prithviraj, Jaggu dada, Manoj sir - they've all left an impression on me and I'm a better actor for it. Like I said today working with a Saif is as exciting, working with John Abraham is as exciting because these are the actors that I've looked up to as well. And a Tara, or a Jacqueline or a Yami, and am looking forward to working with many more to learn and get better. 

Also, working with Amit Ji and Jaya ji in that I considered a high point in Ki and Ka also, I  and like I said the pleasure of working with so many actors, I'm blessed. Naseer sir, Pankaj sir, Dimple mam in Finding Fanny, Neena Gupta in 'Sardar Ka Grandson', Ratna Pathak Shah in Mubarakan then Javed sir now in Bhoot Police, so yeah the list is endless.


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