Boman Irani's mother passes away at 94, actor writes 'she was and always will be a star'

Boman Irani and Kayoze Irani wrote about the priceless memories they shared with her.

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Boman Irani's mother passes away at 94, actor writes 'she was and always will be a star'
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Boman Irani's mother Jerbanoo Irani passed away on Wednesday at the age of 94. The actor posted a photo of his mother on his Instagram page and penned a heartwarming note remembering her and the beautiful memories they shared. Boman wrote, "Mother Irani passed away peacefully in her sleep early this morning. Jer was 94. She played the role of both mother and father to me since she was 32. What a spirit she was. Filled with funny stories that only she could tell."

Irani further shared, "The longest arm that always dug deep into her pockets, even when there wasn’t much there. When she sent me to the movies, she made sure all the compound kids came with me. ‘Don’t forget the popcorn’ she would say.

She loved her food and her songs and she could fact-check Wikipedia and IMDb in a flash. Sharp, sharp, sharp, till the very end.

She always said ‘“You are not an actor for people to praise you. You are an actor only so you can make people smile.”

“Make people happy,” She said.

Last night she asked for Malai Kulfi and some mango.

She could have asked for the moon and the stars if she wished.

She was, and always will be... A Star."


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Several celebrities paid their condolences on Boman's post.

Boman's son and actor-filmmaker Kayoze Irani also remembered his granny with a heart-touching post. He wrote, "Today morning my granny of 93 years passed away in her sleep. She lived a hard but very happy life. Full of all the trials and tribulations that life brings. But she did it with a smile on her face and vigour in her belief. I’ve lived with my granny ever since I was born. In the early years of my childhood, we even shared a room but shared a lot more stories in that room. I remember as a young boy I would walk her to the gate and put her in the taxi and double lock the taxi so that she was safe. I would later tease her that the taxi driver didn’t look alright so that she would get troubled but she loved it. In her later years, she lost her eyesight. The most evening I would sit next to her and read to her about something or someone. She wanted to know the details of every single person's life. She was Sharp and quick-witted. She knew everything from the status of the vaccine supply to the current stock market numbers. And made sure to tell me as she ate her mangoes in the evening and would inform us whether it was “meetha or khatta”."

Kayoze added, "Through this last year, I learnt the guitar and I learnt old songs that she loved and I would play them for her. Sometimes I would say should I sing another song. And she would just say. “No no, it’s time for my dinner”. My granny has lived with us all my life. And no matter how old someone may be. It’s always hard to feel the void. My father took every possible step to keep her comfortable. In the last 15 years, he even took her abroad to show her things she’d only read about. My mother and she were best friends. They sat every single day. And gossip about anything and everything. She almost became a confidant of my mother. Always gave the right advice. And they were inseparable. I want to thank my mother and father who took more care of her than I have ever seen anyone do. And granny said the same. She was the ruler of the palace, queen of the flock and first to the dining table. I feel a sense of loss even though I know she’s in a better place. I know she is happy and will look down on us happily. But I will miss her terribly. And I’ll never forget that she always told me to sparkle. RIP my dear Buppy. I love you and will always miss you."


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Boman's mother celebrated her 94th birthday in November last year.

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