No more garbage at Mandur, promises Siddaramaiah

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No more garbage at Mandur, promises Siddaramaiah
Chief Minister Siddramaiah reacts at the stench emanating from the garbage at Mandur landfill


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assured the residents of Mandur that BBMP will not send garbage to the landfill near Mandur from December 1.

As per the earlier assurance, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has finally visited the landfill near Mandur on Saturday. Some days back, the residents of Mandur had a massive protest demanding the BBMP to stop dumping garbage at the landfill. Some of them were even arrested by the police.

The chief minister visited the spot and saw the problems faced by the villagers, due to the unscientific garbage dumping by the BBMP. He had a meeting with the villagers to hear their grievances.

After the meeting Siddaramaiah ensured the villagers that the government has decided to shift that no garbage will be dumped at Mandur landfill. The CM has also appointed Darpan Jain as special commissioner in BBMP for waste management. He has taken the responsibility of identifying eight new scientific garbage disposal and segregation units at city outskirts.

In Mandur landfill everyday the BBMP collects 15,000 tonnes of garbage. Due to the unscientific garbage disposal, the villagers are facing many health hazards. The villagers have also complained about contamination of ground water.

However, as per the earlier given deadline, the government would shift the Mandur landfill within three months and after that, no garbage will be dumped at Mandur, Siddaramaiah promised.

"In-addition to identifying new dumping plants, the government has planned to segregate and dispose 24 lakh tonnes of garbage collected at Mandur. In the village, drinking water would be supplied through tankers" he assured.

Before visiting Mandur, the chief minister conducted a special meeting with district in-charge minister Ramalinga Reddy, MLAs Aravind Limbavali, Satish Reddy and BBMP officials to find a permanent solution for Mandur garbage landfill.

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