Watch: Flying car completes historic first inter-city flight

The vehicle called AirCar is both capable of flying when needed as well as driving on the road.

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Watch: Flying car completes historic first inter-city flight
image credits: Klein-Vision


The historic flight was piloted by Stefan Klein, founder and CEO of R&D company Klein Vision, which has made the prototype hybrid car-plane.

The maiden inter-city flight of AirCar started from the Nitra international airport in Slovakia. Klein took off from the runway and completed a 35-minute flight to Bratislava. Landing at the city airport, he drove the AirCar to the city downtown at a distance of three minutes.

Watch the flying car’s incredible journey here:

The AirCar prototype took shape after 20 years of hard work by Klein. The AirCar has undergone over 140 test flights.

This week’s inter-city flight was the “most ambitious effort” till date.



The AirCar – Details and Specs

The AirCar can be turned into an aircraft by pushing a single button. It deploys wings and a tail, remodifying the aerodynamics. The process takes a mere 135 seconds.

Powered by a BMW petrol engine, AirCar can achieve a maximum cruising speed of 190 kilometres per hour and has flown up to 8,200 feet with its fixed-propeller system.

Klein aims to upgrade the top speed to 300 kilometres per hour and the endurance to a flight distance of 1,000 km on a single fuel tank top-up.

In a release from the company, Klein said, “This flight starts a new era of dual-transportation vehicles. It opens a new category of transportation and returns the freedom originally attributed to cars back to the individual.”

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