DNA TV Show: Why farmers' issues still not resolved despite four rounds of talks

The farmers started their march to Delhi with 13 demands but were stopped at the Shambhu border near the Haryana-Punjab border.

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Farmers leaders on Wednesday put the 'Delhi Chalo' march on hold for two days. They will now decide the next course of action on Friday evening. Even after 4 rounds of talks between the Centre and protesting farmers, the issue hasn't been resolved. Protesting farmer organisations appear to be adamant about coming to Delhi. As the protest continues, the situation at the Shambhu border of Haryana is getting worse every day. It seems that the aim of the agitating farmer organizations is not to find solutions to their issues but to create a ruckus.

This is because even after several meetings, the farmers have not agreed to any offer from the government. Farmer leaders are adamant on the long list of 13 demands that they have prepared. Now the farmer leaders do not want to talk about how many of those demands are possible and how many are not. The central government, through its three ministers, tried to explain to the farmers that MSP cannot be guaranteed on all crops. But farmer leaders are not ready on this matter. The government also agreed to give MSP guarantee on crops like cotton, maize, lentil, arhar and urad, but farmer leaders rejected this offer. 

Today was the 9th day of the ongoing clash between farmer agitators and police. The farmers started their march to Delhi with 13 demands but were stopped at the Shambhu border of Haryana-Punjab. The most important demand among these 13 demands is MSP (Minimum Support Price).

The attitude of the Central Government towards the farmers has so far appeared a bit soft. but farmer protesters becoming more aggressive every day. Haryana Police are making every effort to stop the farmer protesters from going towards Delhi. But farmers are also putting pressure on the police in different ways. Today, there was a lot of uproar between the police and farmer protesters at Shambhu and Khanauri border of Haryana-Punjab. To stop the farmers, Haryana Police are firing rubber bullets and tear gas shells.

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In any protest, it is necessary to have flexibility on both sides. But the aim of the leaders of farmer protesters, Sarwan Singh Pandher and Jagjit Singh Dallewal, is not to find a solution to the issue, but to reach Delhi. This is the reason why despite so much uproar and violence, instead of adopting the path of reconciliation, these two farmer leaders are instigating the protesters to go to Delhi.

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