English-speaking maids

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Let the Games begin
For the past two months we have heard a lot of things about CWG. Media did a big job in exposing the shortcomings and drawing the attention of those who can intervene and take remedial measures in completing the pending works. Now the government should ensure that the culprits are taught a lesson.
— KV Menon, Navi  Mumbai

Rahul’s callous comments
Everybody knows the truth about Rahul Gandhi’s comments on the need of education, technology, infrastructure (‘Congress backs Rahul Gandhi’s comments on Ayodhya’, DNA, September 25). But he should not forget that Babri dispute has been a burning national problem. As of today it has the potential of becoming a cause for an unprecedented bloodbath. Hence Rahul Gandhi dismissing ‘Ayodhya’ as a non-issue is thoughtless.

The Indian National Congress has done little towards facilitating a dialogue between two communities in spite of repeated plea from the Hindu groups.
—Mookhi Amir Ali,

Communal harmony 
The edit ‘SC sends out wrong signals on Ayodhya’, (DNA, September 27) terms SC’s stay on pronouncement of judgment on the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case as unfortunate. It is clear that the court verdict will only sow the seeds of disharmony amongst the two communities. Apprehensions about the possible unrest after the verdict were obvious and made the country panicky. There is sense in exploring the possibility of an out-of-court settlement. The political parties should now join hands with the religious leaders of both the communities and make efforts for an amicable settlement.  
— MC Joshi, Lucknow

English-speaking maids
An English-speaking maid will only be a myth in India where we have no respect for dignity of labour and women doing menial jobs are still called ‘kaamwali bais’ (‘English-speaking maid or quality of work?’, DNA, September 28). With so many jobs available for semi-skilled and unskilled persons, children of the maids do not take up this profession now and very soon we will be in a situation where there will be no kaamwali bai to carry out our daily chores, leave apart English-speaking ones.
— Sudhakar G Shenoy, via email

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