DNA Special: Made in China vaccines - no guarantee, no warranty

Chinese products are known for their low price and low quality and their COVID-19 vaccines have the same standard.

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DNA Special: Made in China vaccines - no guarantee, no warranty


For Made-in-China products, Indians say they will not last long. In many shops, it is written that there is no warranty for Chinese goods. It is a fact that Made-in-China products are known all over the world for two things - low quality and low price.

And it's not that China hasn't tried to change this image. It has made many attempts and the list of such attempts is long. We tell you about China's latest effort, which is regarding the vaccine. The whole world knows that the coronavirus spread from the city of Wuhan in China, but do you know that China has so far made three vaccines against this virus.

The name of the first vaccine is - BBIP-Cor-V - it is also called the Sinopharm vaccine. The second vaccine is - Corona-Vac. The third vaccine is Can-Sino Bio.

However, the big question is whether any of these vaccines are effective in defeating the virus. Somewhere, Are these three Made-in-China vaccines of the same standard as the rest of China's products.

At present, China is selling its vaccine to 43 countries of the world. With these countries, it has so far signed an agreement for the sale of 74 crore 20 lakh vaccines. To improve friendship with some countries, it has donated 20 million vaccine doses. And overall, China has so far delivered 26 crore 20 lakh of these vaccines.

But the question remains. Are these vaccines effective on coronavirus?

First of all, let us tell you about Mongolia, the neighbouring country of China. According to the World Bank, the total population of Mongolia in 2019 is 32 lakh 30 thousand. The thing to understand is that 50 percent of these population have got both doses of the vaccine there. That is, 50 percent of the population of Mongolia is fully vaccinated. Another big thing is that most of these people have been vaccinated with Sinopharm vaccine developed by the Chinese government. In such a situation, the cases should not increase there. But right now, the opposite is happening in Mongolia.

In Mongolia, there has been a 70 percent increase in daily cases of corona in the last two weeks. That is, even after vaccination, the infection is spreading there.

Similarly, daily cases of coronavirus have increased rapidly in Bahrain. So far, out of the total number of people who have got the corona vaccine, 60 percent are those who got the Sinopharm vaccine from China. These figures have raised concerns for Bahrain. A major thing is that Bahrain has issued an order, under which it is mandatory for people getting the vaccine from China to get a booster shot from the US vaccine company Pfizer. Think how shameful this is for China.

There is another country, Seychelles. This country is in East Africa. According to the World Bank, the total population of this country in 2019 was 97, 625. This country has given both doses of vaccine to 61 percent of this population. Here too, most people have been given the Sinpharm vaccine purchased from China and cases should not increase there due to such a large population getting the vaccine. But still, the cases are increasing. In the month of May, 400 new cases of coronavirus were registered daily in this country and 37 percent of those infected were those who had got both doses of the Chinese vaccine.

Saudi Arabia is also on this list, which has decided that people who have got China's SinoVac and Sinopharm vaccines will not get entry in their country. The certificate of these vaccines will not be valid there.

It is not just about other countries. It is also about China. In China's Guangdong province, cases of coronavirus began to increase rapidly last month, after which a strict lockdown was imposed, public transport was banned and air flights were also stopped. This is the condition of this province of China when people have been vaccinated there on a large scale.

To conclude in a few words, there is no guarantee of Made in China goods, even if it is a vaccine.

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