DNA Special: Helicopter for cows, death for humans?

Human beings have no value for these big countries of the world while these countries spend all their resources to save even the animals.

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Women in Afghanistan are fighting for their rights and millions of Afghan citizens still want to leave the country by any means. Last month, the whole world saw the pictures, when the people of Afghanistan were hanging from the American planes flying from Kabul airport and many of these people also died after falling from these planes. The whole world kept watching all this silently. That is, there is no value for the lives of human beings to these big countries of the world while these countries spend all their resources to save even the animals.

Every year in Switzerland, when the summer season comes to an end, thousands of domesticated cows on the mountains are brought to the lowlands. This journey from the Alps Mountains to the lower areas takes about 5 hours. During this, the owners of the cows take full care of them. The cows which are sick or get hurt are brought down by helicopter.

It is a good thing to take care of these cows like this but these developed countries have left thousands of Afghan citizens to die and nobody is trying to get these people out of Afghanistan.

Human rights have been taken away in Afghanistan but in South Korea, now animals have got legal rights too. South Korea has given human rights to animals by changing its laws. Apart from this, the government will also have to worry about the good living conditions of animals and also respect their right to life. Out of the 50 million population of South Korea, there are 10 million people who have some or the other pet and now these animals will also have all the rights that their owners have. This proposed law will be introduced in South Korea's parliament this month. 

There are about 32 countries including New Zealand, France and Finland where animals have the same rights as humans. Whereas at present, there are only 27 countries in the world whose citizens have all kinds of freedom. In the rest of the countries, either human beings do not have all the basic rights and where people have these rights, there are many conditions attached to them. And in countries like Afghanistan, it is wrong to think of human rights now. 

We are not saying that the countries of the world should not give rights to animals. We are saying that the world should also think about the rights of millions of human beings whose rights have been taken away by terrorists.

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