Apple iPhone X fails to hit the mark

Apple iPhone X is a huge disappointment and it proves that the smartphone industry lacks fresh ideas and innovation.

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Apple iPhone X fails to hit the mark
iPhone X will go on sale in India on November 3


The struggle for innovation in Apple’s new launch is evident with the title for its latest smartphone- iPhone X.
It should be the iPhone 10 but Apple seems desperate to do something ‘new’ and hence it is now a big X. Creating hype has always been one of Apple’s strong points and that seems truer now than ever before. IPhone was recently pushed down to the number 3 spot in the top sellers list thanks to the emergence of Huawei which is riding the demand for cheap smartphones. Apple, meanwhile, is forced to bank on its core customers- fan boys. 
The biggest drawback for the Apple iPhone X is that it lacks the X-factor. Priced at an eye watering Rs 89,000 for 64GB variant (the 256 GB will cost you a whopping Rs 1 lakh) there is absolutely nothing special about the phone. The bezel less display design is now common across manufacturers, screen quality has radically improved even in cheap phones, with Samsung still leading the pack, and camera is no longer a selling point.

The Google Pixel claims to have the best camera, so does Samsung with its Galaxy 8. Companies like Vivo sell phones priced at a fraction of the iPhone with specialised ‘selfie’ cameras. It is mostly all a gimmick, with the argument reduced to a Pepsi vs Coca Cola or Nikon vs Canon debate. It is all subjective and no one manufacturer can claim to have supremacy on any of these features.
Battery life too is one such factor which no longer holds relevance to a phone being the gadget of choice. User habits determine how much juice you can extract from your phone. 
Face recognition basically is no different than a fingerprint scanner. In fact, it seems more inconvenient. Just like the retina scan- it will be dependent on ambient light. And what if I decide to grow a beard, or shave it? Will the phone still identify me correctly? To be honest the finger print lock seems the most convenient and secure. But the day isn’t far when some phone manufacturer will come up with the idea to unlock a phone using a drop of blood. 

Lack on innovation however, is not restricted to Apple iPhones. The entire mobile phone segment now faces the very real risk of falling into the trap of limiting themselves to gimmickry. Animated emojis is just that. Does it really enhance my work experience on the phone? Does it add to the quality of my conversations with friends? No. It is a stunt. Something that you would probably find in a child’s game. I can live without ‘animojis’ in my life. As can you.

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