Rains a month away, dams left with 30% water in Gujarat

However, this entire stock cannot be utilised as the live storage is just two third of this 7231.61 MCM

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With the monsoon almost a month away the meteorology department said in a forecast on Friday they are hoping that rain arrives earlier this year as the water is rapidly draining out of the gates of Sardar Sarovar Dam. Not only Narmada, but other reservoirs are also drying up due to the rising temperature and stock of water left in Gujarat for the 30 days is 30% of total storage capacity.

As per the records received from Gujarat government's Narmada, Water resources and water supply department, Gujarat has 7231.61 million cubic meter (MCM) water stock left in different reservoirs of state, including Sardar Sarovar Dam.

It happens to be 28.67% of the total gross capacity.

However, this entire stock cannot be utilised as the live storage is just two third of this 7231.61 MCM.

The water level further decreased by 230.18 MCM till Friday in all dams across the state. It also seems that usage of Narmada also has been recorded high this year as the statistics of state government showed that against 215.71 MCM water used during May 16 to May 31 last year. If the number of total water available in state compared with the same day of last year that is May 18, 2017, water stored in different dams was 9946.91 MCM that is 2714.30 MCM more than this year.

Gujarat region is heavily dependent over Sardar Sarovar Dam and Narmada river for water and on Friday water level in dam showed 105 meter height and that is also decreasing and it is mandatory to maintain the level at 92 meter height in reservoir in any case.

As per the design of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, 3032 MCM water is dead storage and the Narmada Control Authority had given the permission to Gujarat government to use 1 Million Acre Feet water March 15 onwards and out of that 80% has been used.

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