Mar 1, 2024, 06:57 PM IST

Benefits of fasting according to ayurveda

Khushi Patel


 By removing accumulated toxins (ama) from the tissues and digestive system, fasting enables the body to purify and detoxify, hence enhancing general health and wellbeing

Better Digestion

Fasting aids in resetting and fortifying the agni, the digestive fire, which enhances metabolism, nutrition absorption, and digestion—all of which are critical for optimum health and vigour

Balance Doshas

By lowering excess doshas and fostering harmony inside the body, fasting aids in the balance of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), improving both physical and mental well-being

Weight Management

Fasting facilitates healthy weight loss and maintenance by increasing fat metabolism, decreasing surplus adipose tissue, and enhancing metabolic performance

Mental Clarity

By encouraging emotional equilibrium, relieving mental fatigue, and quieting the mind, fasting improves mental clarity, attention, and concentration while bolstering general cognitive performance

Enhanced Energy

By preserving energy normally utilised for digestion and redirecting it to other body processes, fasting raises vital energy (prana), which improves vigour and stamina

Enhanced Immunity

By lowering inflammation, improving detoxification, and encouraging the removal of toxins, infections, and free radicals, fasting boosts immunity overall

Spiritual Development

Through the development of mindfulness, discipline, and introspection, fasting fosters spiritual development and self-awareness, resulting in a stronger bond with oneself and higher realms of consciousness

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