May 25, 2024, 11:51 AM IST

8 foods that boost iron levels

Ritik Raj

Spinach: A rich source of iron, this leafy green vegetable can be eaten raw in salads or sautéed as a side dish. It can also be added to smoothies and soups.

Lentils: You can include these legumes in soups, stews, salads, and curries. They are also a fantastic plant-based iron source

Beans: are another versatile source of iron that can be eaten as a side dish, added to salads, or cooked into hearty bean soups.

Tofu: is a high-iron soy product that can be added to salads and sandwiches or baked, grilled, or stir-fried.

Quinoa: This nutrient-dense grain, which is high in iron, can be used as a side dish, a base for salads, or an addition to soups.

Pumpkin seeds: are a great snack or addition to baked goods and salads because they are high in iron.

Red Meat: Lean red meats like lamb and beef are good sources of heme iron, which the body can readily absorb.

Cereals fortified with iron: Eating fortified breakfast cereals is a helpful way to increase iron levels. Pay attention to the labels to determine which cereals have had extra iron added.

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