Dec 19, 2023, 12:09 PM IST

Animals that can survive months without food


Camels: Camels can survive for weeks without food or water. They store fat in their humps, which serves as a source of energy.

Snakes: Some snake species can go for months without eating. Their slow metabolism and ability to consume large meals enable them to endure long periods of fasting.

Crocodiles: Crocodiles are known for their ability to survive without food for extended periods. They have a slow metabolic rate, allowing them to conserve energy.

Tardigrades: These microscopic creatures, also known as water bears, can withstand extreme conditions, including starvation. They enter a state of suspended animation until more favorable conditions arise.

Desert Tortoises: Desert tortoises are adapted to survive in arid environments with limited food sources. They can endure long periods without water and food.

Hibernating Bears: Bears, such as grizzlies, enter a state of hibernation during winter. During this period, they can survive without eating or drinking.

Wood Frogs: Wood frogs can survive freezing temperatures by entering a state of suspended animation. During this time, they don't eat, and their heart and respiration rates drop significantly.

Honey Bees: Worker bees can survive the winter by forming a cluster around the queen, shivering to generate heat. During this time, they consume stored honey for energy.

Dromedary Jumping Ants: These ants are known for their ability to survive without food by attaching themselves to the ceilings of their nests. They enter a state of inactivity until a food source becomes available.