Video of Quadcopter pulling out a tooth goes viral on YouTube

Thursday, 27 March 2014 - 1:06pm IST | Agency: YouTube

We have heard of dentists pulling out teeth, have heard of children and parents using their hands to pull out that irritating loose baby tooth, but this is definitely a first. 

Malcolm Swan and his son, Adam, from Dublin, Ireland, have discovered a new way of making the painful activity fun. They attached a long string of floss to Adam's loose tooth, and then tied the other end to the base of a remote-controlled toy Quadcopter. 

They then made sure that the camera was rolling, began the countdown, and then, lift-off! 

The moment the floss string went taut, the loose tooth was pulled out of Adam's mouth, and all that was left was the small pool of blood that accompanies loss of teeth. 

The mission was successful, and the jubiliant cries of the father-son duo can be heard in the video, but the almost 78, 500 viewers are left without a second sight of the now lost tooth. 

There will be no visit from the tooth fairy to Adam tonight, but his loose tooth does seem to have gone on an adventure of its lifetime!