Celebs help this video become viral resulting in arrest of drunk racist who ranted at Japanese woman

Saturday, 7 December 2013 - 10:54am IST | Place: | Agency: YouTube

Hollywood celeb like Ricky Gervais retweeted and shared this video of a drunk man who was filmed ranting at a Japanese woman on the underground train in London. The man shouted at the woman saying, "You’re a vicious bunch of f****** c***s" and was filmed as he abused the woman as the video was later uploaded on YouTube and shared on Twitter. The co-commuter tried to complain to the police twice but found the police stations closed and so uploaded the clip online. In the five minute clip, the man claims his uncle died in the World War 2 in Japan, yelling at the woman as he accuses her saying, "You tortured him. Get yourself off the train, get yourself off the train. You’re nasty people, yeah? F*** off, get out of my country. Sayonara." The drunk then turns to the passenger filming the incident and slurs "Where are you from?" to which the film maker who tries to help the woman replies, "Does it matter, really?" The man was arrested and now faces a trial for racism after the video went viral.

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