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LIVE IPL: Mumbai Indians v/s Delhi Daredevils: Mumbai win by 15 runs, JP Duminy's knock in vain

Friday, 23 May 2014 - 4:17pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

16:28 IST Friday, 23 May 2014

Welcome to the live coverage of the Mumbai v/s Delhi match at Mumbai

Mumbai are 29/0 after 3.2 overs

Michael Hussey seems to be in good form for once

Mumbai won the toss and chose to bat

Four. Swivel pulled to the square leg boundary

Mumbai 36/0 after 4 overs

Siddharth Kaul starts with a wide

Four leg byes, Simmons missed the pull and there was a huge appeal, but it was four.

This time its flicked away for four through square leg for another boundary

Four more. It's Hussey this time, he cover drives beautifully for four

50 up in 4.5 overs

Four more, 54/0 after 5 overs

SIX! This is six, Hussey is down the track and lifts the bowler over long on for six.

Two off the next two balls

Mumbai 65/0 after 6 overs

Mumbai Indians have rocked the powerplay

Biffed away to deep midwicket, he gets two

JP Duminy is the new bowler

Mumbai 71/0 after 7 overs

Imran Tahir, pitched it too short and was pulled away for four

Four more

Four, third boundary of the over

OUT! Simmons is out now, he went for another big shot, huge swing of the arms to a ball wide outside off, but sweeper cover took the catch.

Mumbai 87/1 after 8 overs

Rohit Sharma promotes himself up the order

3 runs off 5 balls, very sedate over so far

Only 3 runs off the over, Mumbai 90/1 after 9 overs

SIX! After three singles Hussey goes after Imran Tahir, and its six

Single off the last ball, MI 100/1 after 10 overs

Four. Flat and wide outside off stump, and Rohit Sharma steers it away for four

Short and wide, slammed behind point for four

Mumbai 112/1 after 11 overs

Shahbaz Nadeem comes back, 1 run

Down the track, Sharma doesn't get to the pitch, but gets it over the cover fielder for four

Driven to wide long off for one

OUT! Hussey is out, that was very sharp second run and Hussey just failed to make it

Mumbai 120/2 after 12 overs

SIX! Kieron Pollard is not going to wait for long. One foot forward, mighty swing of the bat and six down the ground

This time he misses and they have to be content without a run

Single to end the over, this signals danger for the bowler coming in next! MI 130/2 after 13 overs

Nadeem to bowl his third over, this is really a weak Delhi attack

Just 6 off the over, MI 136/2 after 14 overs

Jaidev Unadkat is back

Four. Banged in short and Rohit pulls that over midwicket for four with finesse

OUT! Gone. Backs away outside leg, looks to cut, the ball crashes into leg stump

Bowled! OUT! Pollard is out now, and Mumbai are experiencing a mini-collapse. Caught by the keeper.

Unadkat has got two big fish in one over

Four. Cover drive for four, what a start from Aditya Tare

Four. Last ball cover driven for four again 

Mumbai 149/4 after 15 overs

OUT! Rayudu is out now and Mumbai have collapsed! Lofted to Murli Vijay at long off

Terrific over, just 4 off it, Mumbai 153/5 after 16 overs

Four. Too short, cut away for four

OUT! Tare goes now, he tries to slog-sweep, only holes out at deep midwicket

What a turnaround. But Mumbai's continuing callous approach is baffling.

Mumbai 160/6 after 17 overs

OUT! Harbhajan lofts a length ball straight to long off

Four. Now a boundary, the routine continues. Shreyas Gopal cuts it away for four

Mumbai 167/7 after 18 overs

Imran Tahir to bowl his last over, he has been hammered as well as taken wickets - the story of the match!

OUT! Merchant de Lange is out, caught behind. That was a very poor shot, he tried to reverse sweep, the ball took the edge and the keeper caught it.

Dropped. Another one almost went down, the catch was dropped.

OUT! They could be all out after being 87/0 in 7.5 overs. Pragyan Ojha is run out for 2

Mumbai 171/9 after 19 overs

Jasprit Bumrah comes in, one run off 3 balls

OUT! Wide ball for height, but Gopal calls Bumrah for a single, and is run out

What a shambles for Mumbai...they just didn't seem to care too much.

Mumbai 173 all out, about 35 less than they would have expected after being 100 in 10 overs

Delhi have made a good start, 33/0 after 4 overs

Kevin Pietersen is on fire

Four. Edged and flies past slip for four

Delhi 43/0 after 5 overs

OUT! Murali Vijay is out, he's been stumped

Delhi 47/1 after 6 overs

Harbhajan Singh into the attack

Four. KP lofts Harbhajan over the off side for four

Delhi 54/1 after 7 overs

Dinesh Karthik sweeps hard and misses

Just 3 runs from the over, Delhi 57/1 after 8 overs

OUT! Pietersen is out, once again he gets a start and then falls, went for another reverse sweep, missed and was bowled.

Delhi 59/2 after 9 overs

Slapped away to deep midwicket for one

Marchant de Lange comes back. Delhi are beginning to struggle

OUT! Bowled. Karthik is out now, Delhi continue to sink. He moved across his stumps and was bowled.

 JP Duminy is in.

Delhi 62/3 after 10 overs

The asking rate has climbed to 11.20 runs per over

Four, paddled past the keeper off the last ball of the over

DD 69/3 after 11 overs

Shreyas Gopal to bowl


SIX! What a shot from Duminy, he slams that way over long on for six

Delhi 82/3 after 12 overs

Four. Full toss on the pads, flicked away for four through the square leg boundary

Three singles of the next 3 balls

Delhi 91/3 after 13 overs

Ojha to Tiwary, SIX! Tiwary is down the track, leaps out and smashes that for six over long off

WIDE ball

Decent over for Delhi, 10 runs off it, 101/3 after 14 overs

They need 72 off 36 balls

Kieron Pollard comes in to bowl....at the wrong time

Pollard has a record of conceding runs this IPL, when Mumbai need it the least

But he's bowled a very good over so far, 3 from it

Just 4 off the over, increases the pressure on Daredevils. 105/3 after 15 overs

SIX! Down on one knee and JP Duminy blasts it over cow corner for six

Delhi 116/3 after 16 overs

Four. Tiwary hits Harbhajan Singh for four. This over is very crucial for the double Ds.

Pulled to deep square leg for one

SIX! Six off the last ball from JP Duminy, relieves the pressure immensely. 

Delhi 130/3 after 17 overs

44 needed off 18 balls

Jasprit Bumrah to bowl, Tiwary slogs and cannot connect

1 run

SIX! Duminy goes for a slog again and gets six again

Low full toss, biffed down to long on for one

Can Delhi break their jinx here?

Four. This time its Tiwary

DD 142/3 after 18 overs

32 needed off 2 overs

OUT...Bt its a NO BALL. Very, very high full toss, Duminy slams it hard straight into the hands of deep midwicket

Short ball from Marchant de Lange, Tiwary pulls it to deep midwicket for one

OUT! Tiwary is out now, this is a really crucial over. Good length ball, Tiwary gives room but plays a nothing shot. Gets it high on the bat and the fielder at cover takes it

Delhi 149/4 after 19 overs, 25 needed off the final over

Just a single, Duminy can't get more

Yorker length ball, all Kedar Jadhav can do is dig it out to long on, 23 off 4

4 sixes needed now, if there is no no-ball

Another low full toss, biffed hard by Duminy but straight to long off, Mumbai have almost won

Four. Boundary from Jadhav, a little too late in the day, 18 needed off 2 now

Just a single, last ball coming up

Jasprit Bumrah has bowled a great last over

A single off the last ball, Mumbai win by 15 runs


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