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IPL: Rajasthan Royals v/s Kolkata Knight Riders: Kolkata lose to Rajasthan after sensational collapse

Monday, 5 May 2014 - 4:26pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

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16:37 IST Monday, 5 May 2014

Rajasthan are 52/1 after 6.3 overs

Ajinkya Rahane is run out for 30 off 22 balls

Karun Nair is on 20 off 17 balls

Sanju Samson is the next man in

Rajasthan 58/1 after 7 overs

Shakib al Hasan to bowl

Single off the first ball

Just 5 off the over, Rajasthan 63/1 after 8 overs

Sanju Samson slices a length delivery over point for four

Good comeback, slowe delivery outside off beats Samson's edge

RR 71/1 after 9 overs

Two singles off the first two balls

5 runs off the over, RR 76/1 after 10 overs

Ryan ten Doeschate to bowl

After 11 overs RR are 81/1

It's time to accelerate, surely.

Umesh Yadav comes in

Karun Nair needs to get going

SIX! Karun Nair finally goes big, he clears square leg and it is six

Rajasthan 92/1 after 12 overs

Sanju Samson is also struggling. It would be a good idea to get out and get Watson in.

Four. Poor delivery, down the leg side and Nair just flicks it away

RR 101/1 after 13 overs

Shakib Al Hasan bowls, and Rajasthan continue to struggle for runs

OUT! Karun Nair advances down the track and gets stumped.

This might actually be good for Rajasthan

Sunil Narine is back. Masterstroke by KKR

Still doing it in singles


Four. Samson gets an outside edge which runs away for four

Rajasthan 116/2 after 15 overs

Vinay Kumar comes in to bowl

SIX. Gift to Watson, clubbed over long off.

Four. Low full toss outside off gets hammered through the off side for four.

SIX. Another gift, full delivery outside off, slammed for six

Rajasthan 135/2 after 16 overs

OUT! Narine has taken Samson, he went for the pull but got the top edge and deep midwicket took the catch

Stuart Binny comes in

Narine comes back and gives away just 4 off the next over.

Four. Murdered down the ground, Stuart Binny nearly got killed. Change of bowler and Watson is back to his brutal ways.

1 run off a high full toss which gets called a no ball, its so high that even Watson can barely get to it

What happened there? Andre Russell ran in, then halted behind the umpire. Watson nearly pulled out of the shot and then Russell bowled. Watson is protesting with the umpire.

Now Watson gets a thick outside edge which lands in front of third man for a couple

11 runs off the over, Rajasthan 150/3 after 18 overs

They will be looking to score at least 30 off the last 2 overs


OUT! Watson is out, the ball spun away from Watson, who went for the big shot over long on. He got a top edge, and long on took a superb catch on one leg

RR 153/4

Narine is the man again.

SIX! Stuart Binny is not going to hold back though. He comes down the track and swings hard, the ball flies over the midwicket boundary

RR 159/4 after 19 overs

Vinay Kumar will bowl the last over...this could be a treat for Rajasthan

Four runs off the first two balls

OUT! Steve Smith is out, he tries to go over the on side and fins mid wicket

OUT! What a catch on the bounday. That was almost like Chris Lynn's catch all over again, now Binny tries to go big and is caught superbly on the long on boundary

Vinay Kumar has been seriously lucky

1 run

SIX! Six to end the innings, the batsman swings Vinay hard over square leg, there was not a single yorker in that over and Kumar was going to pray the price at some point

Rajasthan 170/6 after 20 overs

They will be disappointed with this score after such a good start, but its still competitive

Utthappa is looking in great touch, two boundaries so far

KKR 13/0 after 2 overs

Watson strays down leg side and Utthappa whips him for four through square leg

Edged for four more through the off side

No run, he tries the drive again but finds the fielder

Single off the last ball, Robin keeps strike, 23/0 after 3 overs

Down the track and four more, Utthappa continues to assault the Rajasthan bowling

KKR 31/0 after 4 overs

Four. Gambhir slams James Faulkner over midwicket for four

KKR 39/0 after 5 overs

Tim Southee comes into the attack

Utthappa charges down the pitch but finds the man at midwicket

Half volley on middle stump, Gambhir lifts it over mid on for four

Four more. Now over the off side, similar delivery, slightly fuller and Gambhir clears mid off

Yorker length outside off stump, Gambhir picks the gap between point and third man and they get two

KKR 50/0 after 6 overs

Rajat Bhatia into the attack

SIX! Slower delivery, clobbered over mid wicket for six by Utthappa

KKR 61/0 after 7 overs

KKR 66/0 after 8 overs. A somewhat quiet over after all that mayhem

Time for the strategic timeout

Gambhir goes inside out over point, gets it just over the point fielder for two

Four. Boundary to end the over, KKR 75/0 after 9 overs

KKR 80/0 after 10 overs

Rahul Tewatia comes back

He has been launched into the stands for SIX by Robin Utthappa

Utthappa has reached his fifty

Four, swung over square leg for four

KKR 93/0 after 11 overs

Tambe comes back for his third over

Robin down the track and gets a single to midwicket

Bad ball outside leg stump, Gambhir sweeps but can't beat square leg, he should be disappointed

KKR 98/0 after 12 overs 

100 up for KKR in the 13th over

SIX! Gautam Gambhir goes high over midwicket, that went a good 100 metres I think....

Gambhir on 49, gets a leg bye

Short ball on middle stump, Utthappa backs away and smashes it straight down the ground off the backfoot, six more.

KKR 114/0 after 13 overs

Four. What a shot from Gambhir, swings across the line, gets four through square leg, and its his fifty from 32 balls. What an innings. He had scored 1 run in 4 innings at the start of the IPL.

KKR 121/0 after 14 overs

OUT! Gambhir is out, he got a thick outside edge to the keeper

Chaos...Andre Russell is the new batsman. Watson yorks him, he manages to keep it out, then turns around and tries to stop the ball from going onto the stumps. Utthappa meanwhile is halfway down the pitch, or more. Andre finally sees him and sends him back, the bowler throws but misses, and they get a single anyway.

OUT! Utthappa is out now, he tried to go big over deep square leg but failed.

The game is suddenly in the balance

OUT! Slow ball from Watson, short as well, Andre tries to block it but misses and is bowled

KKR were 121/0 and now they are 122/3

KKR 122/3 after 15 overs

OUT! What is happening here! Manish Pandey comes down the track, the ball is outside leg stump and he's way out of his crease, gets stumped easily

Time for the timeout

OUT! Five down now, Yusuf Pathan is down the track, he chips it straight back to the bowler who takes a good catch.

OUT! Another one goes down, KKR are suddenly losing the match in a hurry. LBW

Its all up to Shakib Al Hasan now

KKR 126/6 after 16 overs

It's still possible, 44 off 23. But momentum is with Rajasthan now.

Single down to long on

Swing and a miss, KKR get just 6 off that over. 132/6 after 17 overs

38 needed off 17 balls...KKR need a few big hits now.

Southee around the wicket now, slower ball but its outside leg and called wide

Down the track comes SA Yadav, he swings and misses

Now he goes for a sweep and misses, there was an appeal for LBW but turned down

SIX. Southee bowls on a good length outside off, Shakib goes hard and straight down the ground, into the sightscreen.

Big relief for KKR, that six

Short ball, too wide outside leg. Southee has lost his line here

Four. In the slot, KKR are coming back, Shakib goes over mid off with success. What a shot.

25 needed off 13. What a match.

Dropped. Shakib went hard and mid off dropped a tough chance

KKR 147/6 after 18 overs

23 needed off 11, Yadav smashes it to long on for one

Short ball, Shakib tries to get all of it as he pulls, but can only manage a single to long leg

Great over so far, just 4 from 4 balls

No ball called, and they also get a single. Free hit as he oversteps

SA Yadav tries to scoop over the on side but can't, gets a single off the free hit

KKR 154/6 after 19 overs

17 needed off the last over, Watson to bowl. I cannot bet on a KKR win here.

No ball, also wide outside leg, free hit signalled. 

Down the track, yorks himself and they get a single

Swing and a miss, The ball was fired into leg stump, Shakib swung and missed and they could only manage a single

Short ball, Yadav goes on his knees, the ball sails over him and he's shocked that its not called a wide

Low full toss, biffed hard to long on

Another yorker-length ball, Shakib can only dig it out for a single, game almost over

12 off 1 ball

Single to end the innings, KKR have lost a nearly unloseable game, courtesy 6 wickets in 8 balls.

KKR 160/6 after 20 overs

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