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IPL: Delhi Daredevils v/s Chennai Super Kings: Chennai beat Delhi by 93 runs

Monday, 21 April 2014 - 6:40pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Hello and Welcome to our live coverage of Game no. 8 of the Pepsi IPL

Delhi Daredevils will take on Chennai Super Kings in the league match today in Abu Dhabi

The Chennai Super Kings bowling is a matter of great concern except for Ashish Nehra. In the game against Kings XI Punjab, all other bowlers conceded over 10 runs an over.

Samuel Badree should ideally get a spot in the side as a result, but who sits out for him is a matter of debate. Chennai is likely to drop either Faf du Plessis or Dwayne Bravo for Badree, which means that they will be one batsman short.

Delhi Daredevils were rescued by JP Duminy the other night, but they will again hope that Kevin Pietersen is fit for the game. The Delhi bowlers did a good job early against KKR, and they will be hoping for a similar performance in this game. 

19:44 IST Monday, 21 April 2014

Chennai Super Kings have won the toss and will bat first.

No Pietersen for Delhi yet, and Dwayne Bravo will be out for several weeks following his fall while fielding the other day.

The Teams-

Chennai: B. McCullum, D. Smith, S. Raina, F. Du Plesis, M.S. Dhoni (c/wk), M. Manas, R. Jadeja, R. Ashwin, M. Sharma, B. Hilfenhaus, I. Pandey

Delhi: M. Agarwal, M. Vijay, D. Kathik (c/wk), J.P. Duminy, R. Taylor, M. Tiwari, J. Neesham, S. Nadeem, N. Couler-nile, M. Shami, J. Unadkat

CSK have made 3 changes- Bravo, Nehra and Negi miss out, replacing them are Hilfenhaus, Manas and I. Pandey

Delhi are unchanged, still no Kevin Pieterson

Bad news for CSK as D. Bravo could miss 4-5 weeks of IPL after sustaining a shoulder injury in the previous game.

Head to Head- 12 games, CSK won 8 and Delhi won 4

Smith and McCullum will open the proceeding while Duminy has been give the first over, so one more time we see teams operating spinners in the very first over


Duminy to Smith, starts off with a wide down the leg side

McCullum has played 178 T-20 matches and scored more than 5,000 runs while Smith has played 177 games and scored around 3800 runs. Numbers speak for itself that who is the most dangerous among the two.

Shami comes on to bowl

FOUR, first ball from the fast bowler, length delivery and Smith pulls it along the ground towards the mid-wicket boundary

Shout for LBW, not given, ball straigthens up and hits the pad, may be would have a little high. Better length from Shami

FOUR, fullish and outside off, Smith has to reach for this one, times this one to the cover and ball speeds away to boundary

CSK 14/0 (2)

Chnage in the bowling, slow left arm, Shahbaz Nadeem comes to bowl

FOUR, tossed up, invites McCullum to drive, he dances down the track and chips it over mid-off

Both the openers have relatively been quiet till now.

Delhi is changing the bowler in every over, no one is continuing his spell, now comes Unadkat. Plan from Delhi of not letting the batsmen settle for any bowler is working till now

DROPPED,  Duminy drops a sitter at short-cover, so catch dropping menace still continues in this IPL.

OUT, McCullum couldn't capitalize on his dropped catch, he dances down the track, and gets and outside edge, ball flies towards third man and this time the catch is taken.
Duminy must be happy now.

Raina comes

Excellent over from Unadkat just two runs and a wicket

CSK 25/1 (4)

Shami comes back to the attack, Dinesh Karthik is smartly rotating his bowlers.

Well, McCullum looked a bit edgy from the start, a close shout, inside edge, dancing down the pitch, then a catch drop. He was offering his wicket and Delhi managed to do it so

CSK have won 61% of their matches while batting first, while they have won 65% of the games chasing, average almost the same (Since 2011 IPL)

Another excellent over from Shami, just 5 runs of it, Runs are being squeezed up by the Delhi bowlers.

Unadkat to continue from his end

This is basic stuff from Unadkat, just keeping it straight on good lenght, cramping the batsman for room

Another good over comes to an end.

So after 6 overs CSK 34/1

Fielding restrictions are over 

Jimmy Neesham comes to bowl his medium pace, where is Coulter-Nile, still no sign of him.

FOUR, this is raina's zone, full pitched outside off,  he drives uppishly over the cover fielder 

Couler-Nile went off the field after sliding to stop the ball

CSK 43/1 (7)

Another bowling change, Duminy comes back and gives away only 3 runs, its amazing how Delhi is keeping a check on Chennai. Only four boundaries have been hit so far.

The scoring rate is just under 6 runs per over, not an ideal T-20 score.

Strategic Time Out

CSK 46/1 (8)

FOUR, short and slow from Neesham, Smith reads him and dispatches it over the mid-wicket boundary, one bounce for four. 50 up for Chennai

Raina averages 32 in IPL against all the teams, but his average dips down to 24 agaisnt Delhi. Can he improve on his average (Since 2011 IPL)

FOUR, on to the leg stump from Duminy, Raina sits and sweeps towards the vacant area at fine leg

CSK 66/1 (10)

Hal-way thorung the innings, CSK have struggled for runs, good bowling from Delhi.

Last 10 overs to go, feels like Cehnnai will up-the ante now

SIX, finally it comes, first six of the innings, tossed up, Raina charges down and hits straight over the bowler's head, as clean as you like.

50 runs stand comes between Smith and Raina, They should go from here now

BOWLED, Knocked him over ! Commentator curse , arm ball from round the wicket, wrong shot selection from Smith, he misses and ball crashed onto the stumps

Du-Plesis is the new batsman

M. Vijay comes to bowl, he is filling up here for Coulter-Nile, CSK can have a go on this non-regualr spinner

FOUR, short and wide outside off, Raina hs ample of time to hit towards the deep point

FOUR, Two in a Row! flighted outside off, Raina punches it over the covers

FOUR, another boundary, poor bowling from a part-timer, down the leg side and Raina easily sweeps it for four

Raina completes his half-century

Chennai reaches a score of 100 runs, this has been more like a struggle for them unlike in last match

CSK 103/2 (14)

Nadeem, Shami and Unadkat, each of them have two overs left

For CSK next to come in are - Dhoni, Manas and Jadeja

From here if they go at about 10 runs per over, they will reach 160 runs, which will be a good total on this pitch

FOUR, full and wide from Neesham, Faf shuffles and caresses it towards the cover boundary. Delightful

OUT, Raina looking to clear the long-off boundary, but didn't get the elevation right and holes out to Vijay. Raina gone for 56

In comes the skipper MSD

Neesham completes his spell 4-0-29-1

CSK 113/3 (15) DuPlesis 11*, DHoni 2*

5 overs to go, how much can Chennai score?

Nadeem comes to the attack

Good stuff from Nadeem, the ball is sliding giving batsman no chance to score

Nadeem's economy rate against Left-Handers 9.02 against Right-Handers 6.33
Both the batsmen on crease are right handers

Unadkat comes back, he has bowled 2 overs gave 5 runs and picked up a wicket 

Now what can he offer here to his captain, certainly Karthik could be demanding same quality from him.

But CSK have the two most destructive batsmen on the crease, this is gonna be an interesting battle

Dhoni tries to flick, doesn't get any bat, 1 run.

SIX, INTO THE ORBIT ! That's slammed from the CSK captain, he cam down the track and hammered it over the covers.

FOUR, this time fuller from Unadkat just outside off-stump, Dhoni powerfully drives towards the cover.

Last two balls spoiled a god over. Disappointment for Unadkat

CSK 135/3 (17) Dhoni 18*- DuPlesis 18*

SIX, DuPlesis Joins the Party ! Short ball from Shami, DuPlesis rocks back and clubbed it over deep midwicket

OUT, Good Comeback ! Plesis try to smack it, get's the elevation but doesn't get any distance, Vijay takes another skier at long-on


SIX, not good stuff, after taking a wicket, you don't expect this from a bowler, short and on off- Dhoni with his power hits towards deep point

150 up for CSK

FOUR, full and staright towards the baller, lucky for Unadkat to get out of the way, that went like a tracer bullet.

OUT, Slower and shorter one from Unadkat. Dhoni pulls it but straight to deep square leg.

SIX, SIR STRIKES ! Fuller outside off, Jadeja picks it up and slams over the long on

OUT, slower bouncer does the trick here, Jadeja tries to pull gets glove and straight to wicket keeper

Last over coming up

Shami to bowl

FOUR, Short and wide, Manhas tries to slash hard, gets outside edge and ball races away for four

RUN-OUT- Ashwin departs

FOUR, Manhas makes room and caves the ball towards point to finish off the innings in style

Excellent batting from CSK to put on a good score, last 5 overs they scored 64 runs, after a dull start from CSK, Raina achored the innings, and then contributions from Dhoni and Du Plesis help Chennai reach a fighting total. 

Delhi were excellent with the ball especially inside first 10 overs where they cramped CSK for runs, unfortunate injury to Coulter-Nile cut short thier one-bowling option, Unadkat was the pcik of the bowlers 4-0-32-3

Delhi chased well the last time, will they chase this one also, stay tuned

21:56 IST Monday, 21 April 2014

Murali Vijay and Mayank Agarwal begins the chase, Ishwar Pandey to bowl the first over for CSK

FOUR, carved over the pouint boundary for four

Batting first win for Delhi 26% - Batting second win for Delhi 48% (Since 2011 IPL) So Delhi is better of chasing the target than defending

Hilfenhaus wll share the new ball

Good bowling, keeps it around off on good length, just 2 runs from this over

So CSK going with the tradtional start, fast bolwers operating with the new ball

OUT, great catch from Raina, Agarwal wanted to play inside-out, doesn't get onto the mid of the bat, he plays towards cover where Raina dives to take a catch

First blow for Delhi

Captain Karthik comes in 

Delhi 11/1 (3) Vijay 7*- Karthik 2*

22:09 IST Monday, 21 April 2014

FOUR, puitched up on off-stump from Mohit Sharma, Vijay shuffles and flicks towards the square leg boundary. Wristy shot

OUT, THAT IS A STUNNER ! Du Plesis take a great catch to dismiss Vijay, who looks to heave the ball towards the straight boundary gets leading edge, Plesis run backwards and hold onto a great catch at mid-off. Not the easiest one while running backwards, but he judges it perfectly

OUT, Ishwar Pandey strikes again and Du Plesis takes another blinder. Tiwari looks to attack and charges down, ball goes up over the in-field, but Plesis ran backwards and mid-off and takes another master piece.


Till now we have been discussing about the dropped catches in IPL , Du Plesis have changed the discourse now

Delhi in big big trouble

On the crease arrives match-winner J.P. Duminy to help his captain and Delhi from an early stutter

Credits to CSK bowlers for keeping the pressure on Delhi by bowling on good length and not giving runs, it mounted pressure on batsmen who lost cool and played rash shots, and without missing, great support from fielding unit

Delhi 24/3 (6) JP 4*- DK 7*

FOUR, DK comes down the track and flashes hard, cuts the ball towards backward point for a boundary.

Duminy strike-rate against Pace- 138%  against Spin- 112% (Since 2011 IPL)
JP prefers pace more than spin 

Ishwar Pandey has completed his spell 4-0-23-2, he has provided the figures that was eactly demanded by his captain

Mohit Sharma completes his third over, given 17 runs and picked up 1 wicket.
CSK pacers have done the job here, excellent start for them

22:33 IST Monday, 21 April 2014

Delhi 42/3 (8) DK 14*- JP 15*

OUT, BIG BLOW ! another one bites the dust, Dwayne Smith picks up the wicket in his first ball, bowls on a good length, bowl nips back in and JP trapped in front.
Delhi is losing too many quick wickets

Ross taylor is the new batsman

Strategic Time out

We are into the ninth over and we haven't seen any spin, no Ashwin and yet the Delhi have faltered badly, this is excellent cricket from the CSK

No CSK bowler has an economy over 6 rpo in this innings. A big thing in T-20

FOUR, Hilfenhaus sways towards leg side, full toss on pads and Taylor glances towards fine leg

OUT, away swinger gets him, ball lands on middle and swings away, Taylor tempted into the shot gets a thick outside edge, MSD takes it easily.

Delhi reach 50 and half of the team is in pavillion 

Delhi 53/5 (10) DK 15*- Neesham 3*

22:47 IST Monday, 21 April 2014
FOUR, Captain DK is fighting a lone battle here, cheeky, slow ball from Smith, Karthik just hangs his bat and gets it past towards the third man
Delhi require another 115 runs with 5 wickets and 54 balls remaining, A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB ! Can DK provide some magic here ...
First sign of spin, Jadeja comes to bowl
Flatter one, hits on DK's pads, no runs
FOUR, Neesham gets under the delivery and wings. Ball goes wide off the long on fielder, to the fence
FOUR, Short and quick from Jadeja, Neesham goes back and cuts hard towards the backward point boundary.
Back to Back boundaires
Ashwin is here, finally ..
OUT, BOWLED,  from round the wicket, DK backs away looking to hit towards the off side, misses and the ball castles the stumps.
Ashwin immediately makes an impact ..

S. Nadeem comes in, No Faulker - looks like he won't bat tonight

CSK have been in the commanding position throughout the innings, Delhi continues to lose wickets at regular interval making it more difficult for them to stage a comeback, credits to CSK for making life hell for Delhi batsmen.
OUT, another one gone, flighted from Jadeja, Neesham swings hard looking to clear the deep midwicket boundary, but he couldn't do so. Raina takes another catch
OUT, wickets continue to fall. Shami looks to hit big, but holes it at long- off. Ashwin takes another one ...
Delhi 82/8 (15)
OUT, That's the end of the innings. 84 all out ! Couler-Nile won't bat. Nadeem looks to hit Jadeja over the covers, mis-times, and hits at Raina, who takes another catch.
So, a big win for Chennai, defeating Delhi by 93 runs, their biggest win in IPL. 
Delhi Daredevils collapse is back to haunt them, how badly are they missing KP.
Delhi never looked comfortable from the beginning and kept losing wickets, some great bowling and excellent catching in the out-field helped CSK win this one by a big margin, spinner also chipped in with few wickets, so an overall performance from Chennai first with the bat and then with the ball helped them beat Delhi.
Delhi only dominated the game in the first 10 overs while bowling, Dhoni and DuPlesis gave CSK the momentum and helped them post a great total which boosted their confidence, which was clearly visible when CSK came out to bowl. All six CSK bowlers picked wickets
More bad news for Delhi as Couler-Nile will be out for a few days, as he pulled his hamstring

Suresh Raina is the Man of the Match

Final Score- Chennai Super Kings (177/7- Raina 56- Unadkat 32/3) beat Delhi Daredevils (84 all out - Neesham 22- Ashwin 3/2) by 93 runs

Thank you for joining me, this is Uzair Hasan Rizvi, Have a Good-Night ..

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