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Apart from modern day comforts, the twin cities of Kalyan and Dombivli have many scenic beauties for nature lovers.

Apart from modern day comforts, the twin cities of Kalyan and Dombivli have many scenic beauties for nature lovers.

Kondeshwar Waterfall
Location: Bhoj Village, 10 kms from Badlapur

Speciality: The Kondeshwar waterfall along with the Shiva temple in the midst of the lush greenery away from the hustle bustle of the urban life makes it a perfect place for a holiday.

How to reach there from Badlapur station: 20 to 25 minutes by vehicle. Either you can get a ST bus from Badlapur to reach Bhoj village or you can hire an auto rickshaw which can take you to Kondeshwar.

Accommodation: Availability of farm houses and resorts
Other features: Experiencing the roads covered by mountains and greenery on both sides can certainly be an unforgettable experience, especially during rains. But  one also needs to be alert at Kondeshwar while you enjoy under  the waterfall. Fatal accidents have occurred in the past owing no knowledge of crevices under the water and the waterfall.

Malshej Ghat

Location: In the midst of Sahyadri Hills

Speciality: With number of waterfalls in the ghats covered with thick fog and clouds, during the monsoon it becomes the Kullu Manali of Maharashtra. The presence of steep hills makes it a preferred trekking destination.

How to reach there from Kalyan station: State Transport buses are available from Kalyan station to reach Malshej Ghat. Auto rickshaws are also available on seat-sharing basis from Kalyan station. From national highway NH4/NH17/SH35/SH38 one can go to Malshej Ghat via state highway.

Accommodation: Malshej comprises self-contained rooms and dormitory. Reservations can be made at the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Offices in advance at Mumbai or Pune.

Other features: Besides the waterfalls and hills, the site is well-known for the presence of flamigoes during monsoon. A wide varieties of birds are also found here in the monsoon.

Titwala Mandir
Name: Titwala Mandir

Location: 3 kms from Titwala

Specialty: The Ganesh temple here is a part of the eight famous Ganesha temples in Maharashtra. There is a belief that if lord Ganesh is sincerely worshipped in the temple, the worshipper gets married to the desired person. Also, it is believed that marital disputes are solved if this deity is worshiped sincerely.

How to reach there from Titwala station: One can either take an auto rickshaw or hire a horse drawn Tonga. People even prefer walking from the station to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place located on the edge of the northern part of Central Mumbai.

Accommodation: Resorts are easily available, it is better if you book the accommodation in advance to avoid any problems.
Other features: The temple is located at a place away from busy urban areas due to which one can enjoy the calm and serenity at this place. There is a temple of Vitthal Rukmini temple in the vicinity.
There is a general belief that the bhajans sung at the holy pilgrimage of Pandharpur can be heard at through the iron tubes of this

Haji Malang

Location: Malanggad located at 13 kms from Kalyan

Speciality: A spot apt for people seeking adventure while forming a spiritual connect in the lap of nature. The destination is well known as a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus and Muslims. The Haji Malang dargah located on the top of the mountains is said to be 750 to 900 years old.

How to reach there from Kalyan station: There are regular buses which ply from the station to the foot of the Durgadi hill leading to the dargah. From there one has to walk towards the dargah.

Accommodation: While one can easily complete the tour in a day, most of the time people do not prefer staying overnight. Also there are hardly any accommodations available on the top of the hill.

Other features: Besides the religious importance of the Haji Malang dargah, the location of Haji Malang dargah is alluring. The presence of hills and greenery in the surroundings makes the
visit worth it.

Shiv Mandir at Ambernath
Location: 2 kms from Ambernath station

Speciality: The Ambernath suburb became well-known due to this temple which is believed to be more than 1,200 years old. Built out of an interlocking black stone along with exquisite carvings, the  origins of the temple are traced to 982 or 1062 AD. It is one of the oldest temples in Maharashtra.

How to reach there from Ambernath: The temple is easily accessible due to its proximity to the railway station.

Accommodation: Hotels and lodges are easily available here as it is present in the suburb.

Other features: The temple witnesses a large number of devotees of Lord Shiva on account of Mahashivratri every year.

Vajreshwari Mandir
Location: Vajreshwari positioned between Bhiwandi and Vasai is situated on the Mandagiri hillock, formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. It is surrounded by hills on all sides.

Speciality: Along with the presence of Shri Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Mandir, there are around 21 hot springs located in the near by areas of the Vajreshwari temple. While many feel that the hot springs were formed due to the blood of demons and giants killed by Goddess Vajreshwari, scientists feel that the springs are mainly due to the close proximity of the area to the region where a volcano erupted earlier.

How to reach there from Kalyan station: State transport buses are easily available from Kalyan and Thane station.

Accommodation: Resorts and lodges are easily available.
Other features: There are 52 steps to climb up to the temple. The view around the temple is magnificent especially during the monsoon.

Historically, too, the place has a lot of importance as it is believed that the region of Vadavli, the original name of the place, was visited by Lord Rama and Parshurama. Mythology has it that Parshurama had performed a yagna at this place owing to which the hills of volcanic ash have been formed here.

Ganesha Ghat

Location: Near Durgadi fort at Kalyan

Speciality: The presence of a temple and the Durgadi fort makes it apt for a perfect adventure and holiday. Moreover, the easily-available boating facilities nearby add on to the beauty of the place. The site has been developed almost as the chowpatty of Kalyan.

How to reach from Kalyan station: Share auto rickshaws and state transport buses are easily available from Kalyan station to reach the site.

Accommodation: Large number of resorts are easily available at this site.

Other features: The lush greenery in the surrounding adds on to the beauty of Ganesh Ghat. A sports complex is being built by the municipal corporation of Kalyan Dombivli.

Birla Mandir
Name: Birla Mandir

Location: Five minutes away from Shahad station by auto

Speciality: The Vithoba Rukmini temple has been built by the Birla Group. Made out of carved stones, the temple is a perfect example of the presence of the artistic beauty in modern age. A mini train, fountain and a huge garden adds to the beauty of the temple
located on the hills.

How to reach from Shahad Station: Share autos available

Accommodation: No accommodation is available near the temple as the temple is opened only for two hours in the morning and evening.

Other features: The presence of a soothing silence due to the temple and the garden assures peace of mind for few hours when the temple is opened for visitors.

Location: Located near Khadavli station

Speciality: The presence of a lake makes it a favourite picnic spot especially among the youngsters.

How to reach there: One can easily reach there by getting a share auto from the station. Buses are also available.

Accommodation: There are several resorts here.

Other features: The place will be enjoyed the most by nature lovers as there is lot of greenery around this spot. It also assures of calm and peace in this place which is a little away from the suburb.

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