Rats' ability to link cause and effect helps understand human reasoning

on Mar 30, 2015 0 Shares

A new study has indicated that even rats can imagine and have the ability to link cause and...

dnaTechMovies- X Men- Wolverine- Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman shares final snap as `Wolverine` on Instagram

His adamantium claws might be making their last appearance, the star reportedly said.

New PS4 update allows Suspend/Resume function, external HD backup

Japanese conglomerate Sony announced an update for its gaming console Playstation 4 that will give it an ability to suspend game...

dnaTechMovies- Steven Spielberg- science fiction

Steven Spielberg to helm adaptation of sci-fi classic "Ready Player One"

Spielberg will be directing a film adaptation on Ernest Cline's dystopian novel.

Pocket Gamer Connects comes to India

Pocket Gamer Connects aims to enable indie developers and students to connect and learn what it takes to become a global success...

RHA T10i: In-canal earphones that challenge the norm

If you think in-ear headphones only comprise the itty bundled ones packaged with phones and audio players, think again. Here’s a bit of British kit...

Assassin's Creed Rogue - First Impressions

You experience the game from the perspective of a Templar for the first time in an Assassin's Creed...

Bitcoin:Confused by it? Here’s a 14-minute video that explains this enigma perfectly.

You’ve probably heard about it but have no idea what it is, right? This here is perhaps one of the best explanations of the concept of Bitcoin.

dnaTechHowTo- smartwatch- Apple Watch- Samsung Gear S- LG Watch Urbane

Smartwatch buyers' guide

What you need to know to find the best smartwatch for you, before you make a purchase.

Soon, WhatsApp to offer Google Drive backup for chat history

According to reports, WhatsApp is now working on devising a way to make backing up chat history an easier process for its users.

InstantRecall: An app to help you remember the important stuff

No more having information at the tip of your tongue--access it immediately on your phone or...

dnaTechLaunch- Facebook- 360 degree videos- YouTube

Facebook rolls out working embed feature for videos

The company also announced soon to arrive 360-degree videos in it's native video player.

dnaTechLaunch- Facebook- Facebook Messenger- apps

Facebook Messenger now open to third-party developers

At least 40 new add-on apps already developed so far.

IRNSS-1D, which will provide navigation, tracking and mapping service and has a mission life of 10...

World-renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking is set to trademark his name, joining the ranks of...