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Learn Krav Maga from Asia's best: Sadashiv Mogaveera

Friday, 4 July 2014 - 4:20pm IST | Agency: dna

Have you always wanted learn how to fight or are you somebody who is afraid of getting mugged but don't know what to do get rid of that fear? Then Krav Maga is something that will probably interest you. Next month Asia's best come to teach you a defence system that has practical applications and will work for you on the streets. In an interview with Krishna Bahirwani, Sadashiv Mogaveera, the senior-most full-time Krav Maga instructor in Mumbai who has over 32 years of experience in martial arts, shares the details.
  • Sadashiv Mogaveera

What is the Krav Maga approach to self-defence?
'Krav Maga, so that one may walk in peace' is really the essence of it. Krav Maga is designed to get you home safe. Knowing techniques is not enough, Krav Maga prepares you mentally and physically so that when a situation arises, where you need to protect yourself, you're calm and prepared.
Krav Maga has no rules. Your assailant on the streets has no rules, so why should you? Going after the closest available week spot, like eyes and groin, can give you control over the attacker with relative ease while making time for you to get away safely, and that's exactly what you learn, instead of flashy kicks and other good-looking stuff that does not work.

What kind of an audience do you attract?
My classes and workshops attract a wide variety of students ranging from ex-military, business owners, lawyers, bankers, teachers, engineers, architects and managers right up to housewives. Although our class has a fairly large number of men, off late, women are realising the importance of self-defence and joining classes and workshops in large numbers.

When women use Krav Maga against men, how do they overcome the strength difference?
The victim's biggest disadvantage is her oblivion. A big part of Krav Maga training is increasing awareness of one's surroundings and developing the ability to fend off an attack with relative ease. The founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, said it perfectly: "The elbow of a baby is stronger than the balls of Muhammad Ali." Everybody is vulnerable in certain places. Successfully exploit the vulnerable parts of the attacker's body and strength won't matter.

What can you tell us about the upcoming workshop?
The workshop will be conducted by Vicky Kapoor, Expert 2 C.I.T Asia, along with me. Vicky has more than 39 years of experience in hand-to-hand combat training, Military Close Quarter Combat Tactics and specialist Law Enforcement tactics. Certified by IKMF, Israel, he became India's First Law Enforcement Instructor, SWAT Instructor, Civilian Instructor and Military Instructor.
During the workshop, attendees will learn how to defend themselves against an attacker armed with a stick or knife. Being attacked with a stick or a knife can leave you with serious injuries and, in the worst case scenario, you could die. Dealing with a knife or stick attack leaves you with only a few possibilities — redirect the attack, stop the attack before it reaches you or move in and make the first move yourself. At the workshop, you will learn techniques to be able to do the same.

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